Thursday, September 13, 2018

August 2018

It always amazes me what Seta Color paints can do with just muslin. Below I created a pair of "Flat Rock Fern" pillows for the Bullington fund raiser. Just sun printing using up some well stored paints.

 My yearly jaunt to the Nine Quarter Circle Ranch found me staying in my favorite cabin ever.
 We did Kitty Kats and Kache" animals this year in honor of a lost dog a year ago. Maria choose to make it her Halloween kitty and had fun with fabric.
 Donna completed her dog and went one step further with free floating tongue. I learn so much from these students.
 It never fails, we get to see a rainbow in Big Sky country.
 Just a mile down the road is a restored Ranger Cabin where we got to view the unusual round fireplace. We were invited inside for a sandwich and also welcomed to take a bath outside in the tub full of hot water since it had been sitting there in the sunshine all day. Next year!!!
 The chink between the logs even looked brand new. I have seen this in disrepair so glad to see it done.
 My special Animal Gothic wall hanging you can catch at the Asheville Quilt Show. See you there on Sat, the 29th when I will volunteer all day.