Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Spring, 2018 Re-cap

Have you heard of the Quilters Friendship Force? It is a great opportunity to travel and immerse oneself in the local quilt scene.  They came to North Carolina from all over-even England to engage and explore all we have to offer. With a morning spent at QuiltBuilt I gave several demonstrations and joined them for a delicious lunch. Yes, food is always a part of quilting. They all donated a mountain block which was put into a quilt (below) , quilted at Sheridan Carter's Longarm Shop and then given to charity. 

 Once again the North Carolina Quilt Symposium was held in Asheville with classes and a great exhibit. I was counting on winning the opportunity quilt but since that did not happen guess I will have to make my own!!
 Along with Penny Wortman I taught a "Zen Quilting Class" with lots of interested quilters. It was fun learning the reason they even signed up for our class. We even had a long arm quilter who said she really wanted to learn hand quilting. Long live our stitches!
 Time out for a picnic at the updated, wonderful Rhododendron Park in Laurel Park. It was complete with quilt by Carol and picnic by Louaine. Note her antique picnic suitcase; shades of long ago.