Sunday, March 18, 2018

What's Georgia Up To?, Waiting for Spring, 2018

When in doubt, Quilt!  Finally finishing up those WIPS waiting for it to warm up outside. You might wonder why the duct tape nearby.  While this has been sitting near my machine Rosie has taken to it for her naps. Hence in between stitches I have to duct tape the fur from the top. Glad it works and it will be better off on the wall away from her loving touch. The coffee cup, but the the way, reads, "Sew cloth together patiently and with care and your industry will be rewarded beyond all measure", a gift from family while traveling in Scotland. This also brings to mind our forth coming Nine Quarter Circle Ranch retreat the end of August.  Stay tuned to see my project. I am so excited!

Lake Logan Retreat Report, Winter, 2018

It was pedal to the metal as we all set up our machines and work stations in the mountains of NC.
The results were amazing and so gratifying.  Some brought finished projects but mostly we started new ones or added onto "still in progress" ones. Look what Kate did with lots of strips, sewn and then cut apart with her Accu Cuter. Fun to watch her demo!
 Marene got her pointy borders on her medallion and will let it age on the design wall to ponder the next addition.
 Leigh Ann adding to a beautiful peacock panel. It will be set a bit off center. Clever
 Barbara toying with squares of all sizes with a diagonal approach. We loved the off beat colors.
 Kate, again, can not stop turning out small quilts which she donates. Asheville Guild will be happy.
 Our group almost at the end taking a break to eat in the lodge. Another great year hits the dust.
 My Real Trip Around the World all made with scraps put together finally at the retreat. No, I did not make this in 2 days, but taught it in a 3 week class at Beginnings Quilt Shop. Loved using all the blues and touch of yellow. Now to border it with a bit more yellow,. a narrow bias check and dark blue. This is a feature quilt in my new book coming out late spring, Summer, Scrap Happy Quilts.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

2018 Welcome!

Good new posts seem to be hindered by "Rosie" who seems to love my keyboard.
 Spending these winter days quilting. Getting ready for my class at the NC State Quilt Symposium entitled "Zen Quilting". Know you are wondering exactly what that could be?
 Starting a class at Beginnings Quilt Shop on January 23 for 4 weeks from 1 to 3 pm. Call to sign up at 828-693-6622. I just gathered all of  my navy blue to light blue with a dash of yellow for another The Real Trip Around the World quilt. Come learn this unique method that uses 54 different scraps. Clean up your stash collection. Some call this the 4 bobbin quilt.

2017 Flash Back, November, Dublin, Ireland

Just had to share a few pictures of my Dublin trip last fall. What a joy to visit granddaughter, Georgia, in Dublin. I joined our daughter and family for a lovely tour. Great city and wonderful people. It is very tourist friendly. Of course our first walking excursion was to the Guiness factory.
 Yes, I love that dark beer and shared that pleasure with our son-in-law, Bill H Smith.
 Graphics everywhere in this 6 story insight into beer making, production and even how to pour beer.
 Missed my favorite Pop singer, James Blunt, by two days, but that is OK since he has an invitation to visit USA, finally, after he tours the world. Biltmore House awaits him I hope. I have promised him a special quilt in honor of his video, "Bonfire Heart".
 Christmas windows were in holiday decoration and astounding! Shades of glorious Marshall Field & Company.
 A reflection pool in honor of one of the rebellions. We visited many.