Friday, September 29, 2017

Summer 2017 Lingers

The Year of The Owl at the Nine Quarter Circle Ranch. MT
"Being Human is Challenging, So Be An Owl"
 Students made both a wall hanging and then a nifty, easy method for a pillow.

 Class picture, August 2017. So many trails,
so many fish and so many rides and fun Happy Hour. In between we managed some good bridge games and even Rummicube.

Thanks to Kim and Kelly with Kameron now on board for this amazing experience.

Come join us next year as Charlotte and I ponder our next project!
A Lap Quilt revisited! Now there is hope for those quilted squares tucked away in closets.
My seamstress friend, Esther, does a great job on putting together blocks for that long awaited competed quilt. Shoot me an email and I will put you in touch with my finishing seamstress.
Another Quilt Block on our Henderson County trail. They just keep getting better and brighter.
We are up to 26 now and very proud to decorate the community with color and graphics.