Monday, October 06, 2014

A "PS" to the Southern Tour

A glimpse of the "twirls" from the backside. This is what happens when you run out of room on all of the walls. Thank heavens for the blue tape as it aided in supporting our sections as they were completed. Fun to see the reflection of the palm trees, too. 

Fall Teaching/Lecturing Tours: Now to the South

Cedar Key, Florida now has its own quilt shop: The Salty Needle owned and managed by Beth Davis with her side kick, Bunny, who is also the best assistant in class. We spent a couple of jam packed days touring the area and appreciating a new way of  life on an island. Beth has a fine selection of fabric where she hopes to specialize in nautical/seashell fabrics. Another fine feature is the restaurant which is part of the same building--Fabric and Food, how good does it get?

 Some graphic art and sculpture add to the ambiance of this fishing village.
 We kicked off the two day workshop with a "low country boil" at the Low Key Hideaway. Yes, those are bottles as part of the decor along with many recycled bicycles. Here is Beth welcoming us.
 More of the Real Trip Around the World using 20 different fabrics with those "twirls" at every intersection. It takes awhile to get the twirl, but before you know it--everyone is twirling.

Fall Teaching/Lecturing: North and South Tours

The Ashe County Piecemakers Quilt Guild celebrated their 12th Annual Fair with all sorts of opportunities: Shoppes, Boutique; Bed Turning; Silent Auction: Awards. This guild has really grown since I visited them in 2003. What a beautiful drive; think rolling mountains, fields of Christmas trees and many blocks on barns. It was an honor to lecture twice and view beautiful quilts. 
A winner of a quilt with many ribbons!

Note the happy quilters that are the welcoming crew for the guild. Let the fun begin!
 Goodness, I waited for the phone to ring hoping I had won the opportunity quilt. Too bad, no ding aline! Dini Parsons was my helper and assistant for the two days. Many thanks to all