Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Thirty Years and Thirty Quilters

Continued... More of Nancy Pederson's wonderful quilts. Never underestimate the simplicity of the half square triangle. Look how Nancy uses it in this asymmetrical setting. 
 The always enduring Log Cabin quilt was our project years ago, but always a treat to see the finished quilt. No two settings were alike. It is endless what this pattern can evolve into.
 Another step back in time was our Blocks and Barns year. Marsha was glad to show off her barn with sentimental ties to her homestead. The quilt in the background was a group "thank you" to our great organizer, Lee completed by Janet. Thanks, Janet, for all of your hard work.
Of course I taught a simple purse which many turned into their "device" container, whether an iPod or an iPad. This concept is adapted from Karen Montgomery, The Quilt Company. We tried One Line at a Time idea from Charlotte Warr Andersen's books with some wonderful quilting results.
 Many used those left over neck ties. We designed our random crazy patch lines on Grid Grip, coded each template, cut apart, pressed and stitched together. In two days many had their project done. There was a ceremony at the end of the week throwing away any left overs... to the trash can they went with a new sense of freedom from left overs!

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