Thursday, January 23, 2014

THEN AND NOW, January, 2014

A cold January has found me taking advantage of being inside. Finally I was able to complete my quilt inventory with my excel program. It gave me a chance to measure, document, date and begin labeling all of my quilts. They even thanked me for refolding and relocating some of them. Yes, it is soon time to move some out making room for more!

Then, I have started to finish those works in progress. The scrappy one below must have been made about 1982, but finally hand quilted in 2013 so there will be two dates for the next quilt show. It must have been the first time I thought of isolating print fabrics with similar shades. 

Now, a touch of the modern with a new wall hanging not yet bordered called, Comedy and Tragedy.
You will have to wait until Spring to see the final outcome of this design (created by Yours Truly and Barbara and Martin Webster, )

 Next Week--gives me a chance to be with those wonderful Freedom Escape ladies as they celebrate 30 years of retreats. Yes, it takes many hands and create minds to makes beautiful quilts. Stay tuned as I am bound to come home with a wealth of projects.