Monday, October 06, 2014

A "PS" to the Southern Tour

A glimpse of the "twirls" from the backside. This is what happens when you run out of room on all of the walls. Thank heavens for the blue tape as it aided in supporting our sections as they were completed. Fun to see the reflection of the palm trees, too. 

Fall Teaching/Lecturing Tours: Now to the South

Cedar Key, Florida now has its own quilt shop: The Salty Needle owned and managed by Beth Davis with her side kick, Bunny, who is also the best assistant in class. We spent a couple of jam packed days touring the area and appreciating a new way of  life on an island. Beth has a fine selection of fabric where she hopes to specialize in nautical/seashell fabrics. Another fine feature is the restaurant which is part of the same building--Fabric and Food, how good does it get?

 Some graphic art and sculpture add to the ambiance of this fishing village.
 We kicked off the two day workshop with a "low country boil" at the Low Key Hideaway. Yes, those are bottles as part of the decor along with many recycled bicycles. Here is Beth welcoming us.
 More of the Real Trip Around the World using 20 different fabrics with those "twirls" at every intersection. It takes awhile to get the twirl, but before you know it--everyone is twirling.

Fall Teaching/Lecturing: North and South Tours

The Ashe County Piecemakers Quilt Guild celebrated their 12th Annual Fair with all sorts of opportunities: Shoppes, Boutique; Bed Turning; Silent Auction: Awards. This guild has really grown since I visited them in 2003. What a beautiful drive; think rolling mountains, fields of Christmas trees and many blocks on barns. It was an honor to lecture twice and view beautiful quilts. 
A winner of a quilt with many ribbons!

Note the happy quilters that are the welcoming crew for the guild. Let the fun begin!
 Goodness, I waited for the phone to ring hoping I had won the opportunity quilt. Too bad, no ding aline! Dini Parsons was my helper and assistant for the two days. Many thanks to all

Friday, August 22, 2014

A Mixture of Summer Flora and Fauna

Our Flat Rock Playhouse Block, the first for the Henderson County Quilt Trail, is finally hung. Designed by yours truly and Martin Webster it sure sparks up the gardens. It was donated by the NC State Garden Club and the Western North Carolina Quilt Guild. Trust you decipher the tragedy and comedy aspects of the design. 

 Stitching away on my new BERNINA 750 QE. What a joy to work with using the dual feed feet and that wonderful scissor cut off makes it a dream machine. Here I work on the Pillow Topper to match the donation quilt for the 2015 NC Quilt Symposium to be held here in Hendersonville, NC at Bonclarken.  By the Way, come a day early and take in a play at the Playhouse, right next door to Bonclarken.
 The night of the full moon the trees obscured my view but I did get to see some blooming flora.
 Heading west to the Nine Quarter Circle Ranch for my western retreat. My project this year is the Real Trip Around the World using up scraps. This time: my collection of western prints. Pardon "Rosie", but every time a quilt goes on the floor she has to bless it formally.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Summertime Catch Up, 2014

Just where does time go? Sorry, oh, great blog for my neglect, but between gardens and stitching away blogging just did not get done. I promise to do better. A student recently asked about my wonderful studio so thought I would update my now "Double Duty" room with two BERNINA'S going at full speed. Now I have a BERNINA 750 QE along with my Artista 170. Every day I am discovering new wonders on the 750. The  will keep you further updated. 

 I am proud to say that my Cane Cousin quilt is on display at th Appalachian Regional Commission in Washington, DC in case you are in the area. It will be there for an entire year: 1666 Connecticut Ave.
near Dupont Circle.
 Giving Back is a good thing when one can use their quilting talents for charity. Bullington Gardens in Hendersonville conducts a charity event every spring so my mountain Triplet brought in some funds to further their cause.
Just where

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Misty Mountain Quilt Guild, Blairsville, GA

This Blairsville, GA quilt guild, Misty Mountain, deserves four stars for their attendance and organizational skills on a snowy spring day. How clever to run their own power point program, more than once, as members congregate, eat a lovely buffet and get settled. It included their financial report, recent quilt gatherings, upcoming events, challenges and deadlines. It was a pleasure to present my "Live and Learn" lecture and show off many quilts never seen on TV or books.
 Of course, the Show and Tell brought out all their latest stitches and some wonderful quilts.
 Nancy Jensen, from one of my JC Campbell classes, was able to show off a completed Diamond Dazzle wall hanging. Mission accomplished--

National Quilt Day, Hendersonville, NC 2014

The Hendersonville Mall comes alive with quilts every March for one Saturday. This year the challenge was to create a wall hanging using a yellow fabric with the theme of your initials.

 It was pleasant to spend an afternoon sewing on buttons using my # 18 foot for my Bernina. If you go to the  web site you will see my quilt, entitled"God Save The Queen"
For further explanation of the Western North Carolina Quilt Guild day also check out:
 Here are a few of my favorites from the exhibit. Ruth Eaton glorified the road runner bird with running shoes and lots of quilting.
 I loved the simplicity of the lion using that curved two patch system.
Bargello patchwork takes on a resort beach character with a rising sun over the waves. How clever!

Lake Logan PTA Quilt Retreat, March 2014

Everyone at our Lake Logan quilt retreat comes with a plan--scraps cut, bobbins filled and we stitch, give mini demos, knit more, chit chat, music and it takes two blogs to brag on the results.

 Judy did a pastel arrangement with soft floral prints and sage green--very sweet.
 Kate tried my enlarged Trip Around the World with 19 different scrap fabrics. Waste not, want not!
My rendition is a Cowboy, western theme to be my Nine Circle Ranch project next August in Gallatin Gateway, Montana. Check it out  Bring your husband, the fishing, hiking and riding are wonderful.

PTA Lake Logan Quilt Retreat, March 2014

Our Professional Textile Artists group turns out the quilt tops in just two days. In between some knitting stitches, Rummikub, good eats and drinks here is just a sample.

 Mary completed an amazing wedding quilt top in yummy lavender batiks. I called it "Asparagus"
 Barbara and Leigh Ann both worked on a cool scrap quilt they saw demonstrated on Nancy Zeiman's show, by Tula Pink.
 Look for Lynne's cool quilt up on the Parkway at the Pisgah Inn along with a fine selection of members quilts for sale.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Hunter Quilt Collection; Folk Art Center, Parkway, Asheville, NC

Do not miss the fabulous Hunter Quilt Collection. This is just a sneak preview of Janice Maddox's quilt, Simple Melodies. See more of her artistic work in the Focus Gallery. Many of the quilts you have seen in pictures but to be up, close and personal is the best way to appreciate the work. So special to see our friends, like Barbara Swinea, in this outstanding collection.

"Bragging Rights" at The Folk Art Center, Asheville, NC

Take time to visit the Folk Art Center, Asheville, NC right on the Parkway this winter. I am so proud to brag on Janice Maddox and her featured collection as part of the quilt exhibit in the Focus Gallery. She is member of the Asheville Quilt Guild, Southern Highland Craft Guild and our PTA, Professional Textile Artists. 
                         "Purple Daisy" , a fractured flower that can only appreciated up close.
The framing and subject here is bound to appeal to all train people. This is: Norfolk Southern Engine, Asheville,NC/ Vance Monument. AVL. NC

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Thirty Years and Thirty Quilters

Continued... More of Nancy Pederson's wonderful quilts. Never underestimate the simplicity of the half square triangle. Look how Nancy uses it in this asymmetrical setting. 
 The always enduring Log Cabin quilt was our project years ago, but always a treat to see the finished quilt. No two settings were alike. It is endless what this pattern can evolve into.
 Another step back in time was our Blocks and Barns year. Marsha was glad to show off her barn with sentimental ties to her homestead. The quilt in the background was a group "thank you" to our great organizer, Lee completed by Janet. Thanks, Janet, for all of your hard work.
Of course I taught a simple purse which many turned into their "device" container, whether an iPod or an iPad. This concept is adapted from Karen Montgomery, The Quilt Company. We tried One Line at a Time idea from Charlotte Warr Andersen's books with some wonderful quilting results.
 Many used those left over neck ties. We designed our random crazy patch lines on Grid Grip, coded each template, cut apart, pressed and stitched together. In two days many had their project done. There was a ceremony at the end of the week throwing away any left overs... to the trash can they went with a new sense of freedom from left overs!

Thirty Years with over Thirty Quilters

It was quite a reunion again with the highlight always being the Show and Tell.
Here we have a chance to show off what we have been working on all year and brag about finishing projects. No way can I show all 35 quilts so I have just selected a few. This post will continue with more, especially from Nancy Pederson

 Marge sure surpassed us with this fetching Nut Cracker wall hanging. Her daughter has a collection of nutcrackers so this made the perfect gift.
 Alice came with several unfinished projects all neatly stacked in pizza like boxes. Isn't this the greatest scrap quilt. The quilting was outstanding via a long arm machine.
 Who said you have be under 30 to make a Modern quilt? Sheila, who is proud to be over 90, completed this top and even had it basted as she packed this up to go back to Norwich, UK.
Nancy Pederson showed off some of her wonderful marsh/bird life wall hangings. See more of her works on another updated blog.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

THEN AND NOW, January, 2014

A cold January has found me taking advantage of being inside. Finally I was able to complete my quilt inventory with my excel program. It gave me a chance to measure, document, date and begin labeling all of my quilts. They even thanked me for refolding and relocating some of them. Yes, it is soon time to move some out making room for more!

Then, I have started to finish those works in progress. The scrappy one below must have been made about 1982, but finally hand quilted in 2013 so there will be two dates for the next quilt show. It must have been the first time I thought of isolating print fabrics with similar shades. 

Now, a touch of the modern with a new wall hanging not yet bordered called, Comedy and Tragedy.
You will have to wait until Spring to see the final outcome of this design (created by Yours Truly and Barbara and Martin Webster, )

 Next Week--gives me a chance to be with those wonderful Freedom Escape ladies as they celebrate 30 years of retreats. Yes, it takes many hands and create minds to makes beautiful quilts. Stay tuned as I am bound to come home with a wealth of projects.