Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Rosie Reigns!

Just who does she think she is? Queen of the quilt room, that's who. Guess my Bernina gets nice and cozy when it has been at full speed for awhile and she just wanted to perch up there. Just had to take the picture.


WoolenSails said...

That is the, enough sewing, pay attention to me look, lol. Great commercial for the durability of a Bernina;)


Debbie J said...

Love to see quilters' cats! There are lots of them out there.

Bente-I like to QuiltBlog said...

laughing out loud !
This picture is amasing, thans for sharing and have a nice day :-)


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GarfieldsMaw said...

Georgia what a great picture. I have 2 cats and the big one loves to help me with my quilting also. Only problem is that he loves the thread and wants to help me "un" wind it. Love your show on Creattv. I am a new quilter at the ripe age of 66. I have started with kits and now my brain won't turn off. It's great to see your lap quilts as it helps me to understand more what I should be doing. Thank you so much!!!!

RSB said...

Mind if we post the picture of your cat on one or more of the Little Free Library social media? We have a new Facebook page on Pets and Books because there are so many pet owners who also have Little Libraries. Now that we've found you and Mr. Library Box, I can tell we all have a lot in common!
P.S. We have some quilting ideas that we hope might interest you and your talented quilting colleagues! Love to hear from you. Rick Brooks, Co-founder, Little Free Library rbrooks@littlefreelibrary.org 608-345-0750