Thursday, September 05, 2013

Bozeman and Nine Quarter Circle Ranch, continued, 2013

Yes, the horse goes round and round. A day in Bozeman is part of our Quilters Retreat. So many nifty stores and restaurants that we go to town with a list. is right on Main Street with lots to view and see with Bernina's on the lower level. The best way to get new quilt ideas and add to your stash is right here!
 Just a couple of miles outside of town is Jane Quinn's store and garden. She has a great new web site along with a monthly newsletter.  www.quiltinginthe
 Just a piece of Montana heaven with bountiful garden with mountains in the background.
 A day in Montana is not complete without a tour of Yellowstone. We figured there were a couple of bison who had not seen us last year. Here is Pete trying to navigate through another herd. They get so close!
 Of course, we have Show and Tell. Here is Kelly bragging about her project from a couple of years ago. A full size interlock quilt with that cowboy toile in the background. Congrats, Kelly.

Nine Quarter Circle Ranch, Re-visited, 2013

Notable artwork from the staff: "Asking a quilter to mend is like asking Picasso paint your garage"

 Once again, the yellow bus heads out for Happy Hour full of quilters and husbands. That is Lincoln mountain in the background above the Taylor Fork stream full of trout.
 Bandana's were the theme this year with my Diamond Dazzle wall hanging. We learned a simplified
Baby Block construction stitched in rows without those tedious "Y" connections.
 Charlotte created her Bandana Babe lady with hair and fabric selections. I am anxious to finish my try at her design in black and white.
 Always rewarding to see quilters getting their project underway--with all sorts of stitch at a time.
 Jean made us of her stripe fabric making a star accent.
 Yes, Pete and I got to ride. Check out my flashy boots--Josephine is the horse.  More pictures to follow

Webster Retires, but not really!

Anyone who knows Barbara Webster knows that she might be passing on the paint brush and Blocks on Barns idea to new people in Burnsville, but her spark and energy will just be rekindled into a new area. Her she is with her husband, Martin, being recognized by the Burnsville mayor, Daniel McIntosh.
We all felt so touched to be there and hear the testimonies of she has enhanced the area. Carry on, Barbara!