Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Flora and Fun at Quilt Built, July 2013

Sitting on our front veranda this is the peaceful, (pieceful) pretty scene..many phlox going wild, our fountain, humming bird feeder,etc

 Roses and tall corn flowers line the pathway to the drive...some lavender and rosemary also.
 Russian sage reaches to the sky with Queen's Ann Lace..note my quilt block on the facade.
 Party, party..the www.meltyourheart.com  food truck from Asheville came right up to our back door serving deluxe grilled cheese sands to our guests. What fun on a summer evening, before another rain.
BTW--When you come to the Asheville Guild Quilt Show, September 2, 28 and 29 you can partake these sandwiches in front of the Ag Center. See you there!  www.ashevillequiltguild.org
 Was it Pinterest or some magazine when I got this idea? Anyway, what a great way to lighten up a dull fireplace. We just cut some flat ended logs in half and mounted various candles. The screen protected this display from Rosie, the cat.

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Good ETC. Stuff, 2013

Forget Blocks on Barns, how about on downtown Asheville City buildings. Love the bright painted stars on brick right off Lexington Street, in fact, across from Bonesteel Films.
 I finally got to see my QR reader installed at Bonesteel Films  <www.bonesteelfilms.com> in the reception room. Pretty cool and very modern.
 Another stroll in the park. This time the gardens of the Flat Rock Playhouse. The NC State Theatre Garden Club is responsible for the glorious flora and fauna. Do pick up a brochure at the ticket office for your own guided tour with 5 plants identified in each of the 10 areas.

Outside Inspiration, Summertime, 2013

Bullington Center
A fund raising event at Bullington Center (www.bullingtoncenter.org) prompted a stroll through the amazing gardens with all plants properly labeled. Do not miss the one of a kind fir trees.
Below are the same angled boards with a caterpillar painted going to the new gazebo and coming back the same boards with the evolving butterfly. Now how can I use that in a quilt?

The annual Barbara Swell Pie Contest was the best ever. Location: Haw Creek, Asheville, NC Imagine over 70 pies all tempting your palette. My contribution: a Vidella Onion pie with bacon. First they were judged and then we tasted.  I voted for the vintage aprons on the clothes line. Wonderful