Thursday, March 28, 2013

March Blow In, 2013

Will the cold and winds ever stop?  I gave Goldie and Comet a treat on a sunny day.  Since the chickweeds keep growing out away from their coop area I invested in a "Peck and Play" sort of device where I can carry them to another enclosure. It works. They were baffled for a few minutes but then saw the chickweed and went to town. Now I can move it around the yard with confidence that those hawks will not swoop down. Got it at   <>

 QUILT LIFE INTERRUPTED! We have been "catless" for about 3 years and fell for a rescue kitten.
Her name is RA Rosies for Ring Around the Rosie. She has black rings all over her body. She is about 8 months old-wants to play 24/7-came from the St. John River area along the docks and bridge. She needed us and we had forgotten what joy it is to have life in the house. Yes, she loves my quilts and made it difficult to quilt this charity quilt for the Asheville Quilt Guild.
 Yes, she found another quilt. We call her Rosie.
 Sure is fun to make quilts from my own books, especially when it goes to Jonah, our grandson. They lost 12 of my quilts to a house fire last April and this is the first of the replacements for their new rebuilt home. I call it "I Would Rather be Camping" made with those 60 degree diamonds. I made sure that Jonah caught the larger trout and Dad the smaller one! Luke is roasting marsh mellows.