Thursday, February 07, 2013

PBS TV Re Broadcast-New Book Offer

The 1100 series of Lap Quilting will be re broadcast starting February 11, 2013 at 6:00 am and at 12:00 every Monday and then Friday on the network. Do check your local TV listings for an update. Then on March 29th the 1200 series will be shown. Maybe you are a new quilter or just want a refresher from the past series or maybe missed a couple of the shows, do tune in for lots of fast paced patchwork and quilting. The companion book for the 1100 series is Lap Quilting Lives, shown below.

On my Quilt Store page of my web site at you will find a new Trio Book Offer. Sadly, my last book, Georgia Bonesteel's Quiltmaking Legacy, is all sold out. Good reason to buckle down and finish the book in progress.
BTW--sorry for the misspelled word on the previous posting. That will teach me to edit first. It is six, not sic.


Mommarock said...

Oh I do so hope there are tiny piece as you go projects.

June said...

It will be nice to see your programs back on PBS again, as I have missed them. I am a big fan of yours for many years and was fortunate enough to be a student of your friend Karen Previer in the 1980's. Oh my how quilting has changed since then! You will always be #1 Quilter to me!!

Beth Hill said...

Thank you for coming to Newton, from all the Catawba Valley Quilters.
We enjoyed seeing your beautiful quilts and being inspired by your vision in seeing patterns around you wherever you go.

bluetenn said...

Georgia, it would be nice to have a DVD collection of your TV seasons. Is that a possibility? My mom recorded some of your shows when she was quilting. I have not gone through all of her VHS tapes to watch them. They are being broadcasted on CreateTV a few days a week in my area. This morning at I caught part of a show where you were interviewing a lady that created quilted clothing. She had watermelon coats that were beautiful. I did not get her name. If you remember, please leave a reply post with that info. I would like to find her on the web. Thanks.

Kathleen said...

Love that you are back - I watched your show when it aired originally - it's good to see old friends. There just are not enough quilting and sewing programs on, don't you agree.