Tuesday, January 08, 2013

A New Quilt Year, 2013

 Clean up the stash! It is my once a year ritual that reveals all. I find fabric long forgotten, things I had been looking for and it sort of rejuvenates my quilt juices. I pull everything out, stroke it, re fold and then re stack in different arrangements. Needless to say, some has to go, but then I discover more space.
 Aw, that empty shelf is just begging for a trip to the fabric store. BTW, we have a new store in Hendersonville, NC. It is    BeginningsQuiltShop.com   at 1032-C Greenville Highway. south.
 A belated Christmas present for our son-in-law, Bill who works for, you guessed, Coca-Cola. He envied Paul's QR reader so I made one for his office. I took it, in progress, to my Cover Lover meeting where one gets honest critique. My idea was to applique more coke bottles at each corner and Marilyn,
said, "No, Striving to improve what is good we often mar what was well!" She was right.
A trip to Aspen, CO brought back memories of teaching there years ago. My hostess's at that time were Frances and Portia Whitaker. She was the quilter and he was the infamous blacksmith. It thrilled me to know that there is a park in downtown Aspen in his honor. Some of my previous students at JC Campbell will recall them.