Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Rosie Reigns!

Just who does she think she is? Queen of the quilt room, that's who. Guess my Bernina gets nice and cozy when it has been at full speed for awhile and she just wanted to perch up there. Just had to take the picture.

Monday, November 11, 2013

My Fall Tour, 2013, JC Campbell Class

My class this fall at JC Campbell Folk School  <www.FolkSchool.org> was worthy of bragging rights. With the pedal to the metal these ladies designed their own Crazy Patch blocks, pressed the coded templates out of varied fabrics and stitched away. This what I call predictable crazy patch rather than the 'ol sew and flip variety. Check out my class next April on the Folk School web site.

 Mine is called Splashes with a burst of color in each block.
 Elder made a baby quilt. She surprised herself by finishing, well except for the quilting.
 It is wonderful what that touch of yellow does for black and white. Sheryl should be very proud.
 Jane found that shades of red in the blocks and border was the perfect accent .
 Note how Janice decided to set each repeated block in the same position for each row, while the fabrics are juggled in various places. The printed border pulled it all together.
 Waynette's quilt was just glorious in color with the cornerstones repeating the inside accents. Then her border of black and white will complete this fabulous quilt.
 Betsy will win the heart of all young boys with a collection of bat man and other wild zoom, bam, fabrics.
 Then Sharon used her collection of cat fabrics in every rectangular block. So much fun to study.
 Here is my assistant, Kathy, with a proud student, Karen, showing off her gray batik block. She made much progress with blocks stacked up on the great felt, gridded design wall seen in the above pictures.
I also taught using up those necktie fabrics in purses and this special men's vest with pieced initials.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

My Fall Tour, 2013

Off to the Lake Norman Quilters Guild in Mooresville, NC when around the corner was this beautiful cotton field in bloom. This translates to more fabric and quilts, yes, yes.

The lesson was my Strip Picture Piecing for landscapes. The equilateral Grid Grip works perfectly here for one small mountain scene, but multiples could be cut from one template with layers underneath. The tip of the day: once the pattern is drawn and coded, use your I phone or I pad to capture the design before cutting apart and pressing onto fabric. Really works well here.

 Nothing better than to finish in class. Now on to borders, setting and quilting...whatever!
Of course, the other option is for those interrupted rectangles that come together for curves.

My Fall tour, 2013

With an invite from the Mt Vernon Quilt Guild,  <http://mvquilters.blogspot.com/> I took the opportunity to tour Mt Vernon. So many updates since I had been there years before but the flowers and trees just keep on growing and blooming. Of course, George and Martha were there to greet us.

 My class was a new rendition of a favorite, the Interlock quilt, from my Bright Ideas book. Many over achievers in the class with great progress. Then to receive a picture just a few weeks later brightened my day. This is the same project I will teach in April, 2014 at The JC Campbell Folk School. Check out their web site and all the amazing craft classes to take: www.FolkSchool.org

Saturday, November 09, 2013

Fall, 2013

                                                       "KOZY  COTTAGE"
What happens when a Cover Lover member moves away? Well, we make her a special wall hanging
for her new quilt studio. Barb's love of Kaffe Fassett fabrics is depicted in a traditional block from each of the members. Carry on, Barb.

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Bozeman and Nine Quarter Circle Ranch, continued, 2013

Yes, the horse goes round and round. A day in Bozeman is part of our Quilters Retreat. So many nifty stores and restaurants that we go to town with a list.  
www.mainstreetquilting.com is right on Main Street with lots to view and see with Bernina's on the lower level. The best way to get new quilt ideas and add to your stash is right here!
 Just a couple of miles outside of town is Jane Quinn's store and garden. She has a great new web site along with a monthly newsletter.  www.quiltinginthe country.com
 Just a piece of Montana heaven with bountiful garden with mountains in the background.
 A day in Montana is not complete without a tour of Yellowstone. We figured there were a couple of bison who had not seen us last year. Here is Pete trying to navigate through another herd. They get so close!
 Of course, we have Show and Tell. Here is Kelly bragging about her project from a couple of years ago. A full size interlock quilt with that cowboy toile in the background. Congrats, Kelly.

Nine Quarter Circle Ranch, Re-visited, 2013

Notable artwork from the staff: "Asking a quilter to mend is like asking Picasso paint your garage"

 Once again, the yellow bus heads out for Happy Hour full of quilters and husbands. That is Lincoln mountain in the background above the Taylor Fork stream full of trout.
 Bandana's were the theme this year with my Diamond Dazzle wall hanging. We learned a simplified
Baby Block construction stitched in rows without those tedious "Y" connections.
 Charlotte created her Bandana Babe lady with hair and fabric selections. I am anxious to finish my try at her design in black and white.
 Always rewarding to see quilters getting their project underway--with all sorts of fabrics..one stitch at a time.
 Jean made us of her stripe fabric making a star accent.
 Yes, Pete and I got to ride. Check out my flashy boots--Josephine is the horse.  More pictures to follow

Webster Retires, but not really!

Anyone who knows Barbara Webster knows that she might be passing on the paint brush and Blocks on Barns idea to new people in Burnsville, but her spark and energy will just be rekindled into a new area. Her she is with her husband, Martin, being recognized by the Burnsville mayor, Daniel McIntosh.
We all felt so touched to be there and hear the testimonies of she has enhanced the area. Carry on, Barbara!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Flora and Fun at Quilt Built, July 2013

Sitting on our front veranda this is the peaceful, (pieceful) pretty scene..many phlox going wild, our fountain, humming bird feeder,etc

 Roses and tall corn flowers line the pathway to the drive...some lavender and rosemary also.
 Russian sage reaches to the sky with Queen's Ann Lace..note my quilt block on the facade.
 Party, party..the www.meltyourheart.com  food truck from Asheville came right up to our back door serving deluxe grilled cheese sands to our guests. What fun on a summer evening, before another rain.
BTW--When you come to the Asheville Guild Quilt Show, September 2, 28 and 29 you can partake these sandwiches in front of the Ag Center. See you there!  www.ashevillequiltguild.org
 Was it Pinterest or some magazine when I got this idea? Anyway, what a great way to lighten up a dull fireplace. We just cut some flat ended logs in half and mounted various candles. The screen protected this display from Rosie, the cat.

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Good ETC. Stuff, 2013

Forget Blocks on Barns, how about on downtown Asheville City buildings. Love the bright painted stars on brick right off Lexington Street, in fact, across from Bonesteel Films.
 I finally got to see my QR reader installed at Bonesteel Films  <www.bonesteelfilms.com> in the reception room. Pretty cool and very modern.
 Another stroll in the park. This time the gardens of the Flat Rock Playhouse. The NC State Theatre Garden Club is responsible for the glorious flora and fauna. Do pick up a brochure at the ticket office for your own guided tour with 5 plants identified in each of the 10 areas.

Outside Inspiration, Summertime, 2013

Bullington Center
A fund raising event at Bullington Center (www.bullingtoncenter.org) prompted a stroll through the amazing gardens with all plants properly labeled. Do not miss the one of a kind fir trees.
Below are the same angled boards with a caterpillar painted going to the new gazebo and coming back the same boards with the evolving butterfly. Now how can I use that in a quilt?

The annual Barbara Swell Pie Contest was the best ever. Location: Haw Creek, Asheville, NC Imagine over 70 pies all tempting your palette. My contribution: a Vidella Onion pie with bacon. First they were judged and then we tasted.  I voted for the vintage aprons on the clothes line. Wonderful

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summertime Road Trip

Take a day trip out to Highlands, NC for a winding, beautiful drive into the mountains. Do visit The Bascom, a center for the visual arts. www.the bascom.org where I was fortunate to view an amazing collection of garments made by Nancy Judd, Santa Fe, NM. If you are a quilter you can not help admire the unique manner of recycling for these clothes. Everything from tires to nails to leather airline seat covers.