Saturday, December 01, 2012

NYC in a day, 2012

Took a train, subway, taxi and our own feet for an amazing day in NYC. Our first stop was 9/11. We stood in awe of the construction and much contemplation around the North and South pools.
 A study in pointillism for this beautiful African tile mural in the subway.
 Do not miss a walk on the HighLine created from abandoned railway ties. The landscaping is outstanding interspersed with many cozy hideaways to eat, sun and relax.
 Chrysler must be very proud of this artful display. Bet it is especially cool at night with the lights.
 I can not seem to escape those 60 degree diamonds--even when we ate out lunch at the coolest place.
 How clever is this? Ours sons smallest lending library right in front of his home. Just take one and bring one back. Should have left a few of  my own there for the local quilters. Ended the day with a two hour lecture at the Adult Montclair School. What a wonderful day.