Sunday, September 16, 2012

Summer starts to fade away---

Outside our front door summers blooms are starting to fade, but the roses, lavender and anemone's
remain vital. The most fun this year has been the prolific hyacinth bean vine. It has covered the picket fence and is full of the brilliant seed pods. If you must try for next year, send me a SASE and I will mail it your way!

A PTA (Professional Textile Artists) monthly meeting

There is nothing like a monthly "group" meeting to get stimulated and leave with admiration for your fellow quilters. Here, Mary Stori, shows off her wonderful quilt that will go to a library in honor of her brother. Yes, those are books hanging from a tree. Check this out in person at the Asheville Quilt Show, Sept. 28030 at the Agricultural Center across from the airport.

 Mary lives in a charming log house with a circa Civil War tool shed. It was built on the spot from reclaimed log parts, even with an authentic floor inside. Wonder if she has considered hens?
 Lynne Harrill spent many days dyeing just an amazing collection of fabric. Now we will await to see what she does with these lovelies.

The Heart Wedding Quilt

"Quilts are not just for remembering, but for reliving their making." Not sure who said it but it certainly speaks to many of our vintage quilts. I have owned this red/green quilt for years and always wanted to recreate it in some form. A wedding seemed like the perfect solution. It is a variation of an Irish Chain but I re directed the hearts and replaced many squares with print navy fabric. It will be on it's way to Portland, Oregon soon. 

Yes, they have a dog so I found the perfect doggie paw print for the backing. The white strips were signed and collected at the wedding and at a shower for the couple. 

2012 Nine Quarter Circle Ranch Retreat

Once again, Montana is the chosen spot for our annual fall retreat. Celebrating 100 years of the Nine Quarter Circle Ranch in the Gallatin Gateway of Montana meant a special project. So, Charlotte Warr Andersen and I combined forces for our design. The center picture credits go to Kelly Kelsey, owner of the ranch along with Kim, her husband. She had her digital picture printed on the most lovely cotton. 

We used so many techniques for this wallhanging that the ladies were really kept busy. The exciting news is that you all will get a glimpse into this week since Ricky and Alex from The Quilt Show (the popular internet show, came and paid us a filming visit. Look for that sometime next year. 

                                                             "Heavenly Centennial"

Class in progress in the sewing lodge room. Charlotte staying interested, hopefully. These photos
compliments of Charlotte, by the way, since I lost my camera somewhere in Montana! Like loosing your right arm. Never again.
 Yes, a full moon while we were there. Inspiration for next years project, possibly. How beautiful!
Hang on, Ricky and Alex! What a whirlwind day we had. They were everywhere and we topped it off with rain, hail, lightening and loosing our power-just for one night.