Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hen Happy, July 2012

Meet Goldie and Comet, our new hen coop addition. They are Golden Comets, about 5 months old and giving us two brown pullet eggs every day. They are part Anglophile with their UK flags waving in the breeze to ward off hawks and owls. Very gentle and so much fun to watch. The previous hens are happy at their foster home. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Show House for our PTA Quilts, July, 2012

Our Professional Textile Artist group gets to "brag a bit" at the Interlude Showhouse,
at least until August the 5th. Come see our working studio just full of color and fiber opportunities. 
Each room has a decorator who has created an eyeful of delight and ideas.
Click on for more info

Summer Time, 2012 Hometown Exploration

It is always exciting to discover a business right in your own hometown that relates to fabric started by Bethanne Knudson and Stephen Michelson. The Oriole Mill is just that new textile mill with quality as it's goal. Our Professional Textile Artist group were honored to have a personal tour of the mill by Kelly Gassert. The machinery was awesome, large and being run by highly skilled operators. The results are amazing jacquard woven fabrics that use linen, wool and Egyptian cotton. Look for them on line with a store very soon and learn more about this business at  or phone 828-693-5500