Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Building Blocks, 2012 in progress

 Sharing with "you all" the progress of my Building Blocks entry into the Black & White 3 exhibit for the Folk Art Center, display starting September 8 2012 until January 8, 2013. This is a members only exhibit, Southern Highland Craft Guild,  so expect not only fiber, but wood, pottery, jewelry, iron and beyond. When in doubt about setting, I often go to the grandchildren's favorite plastic hexagon tiles for help and then use my new equilateral, 60 degree diamonds as a template.
 You can tell I had to add an extra triangle on the outside of some diamonds to set the stage for the blocks building properly. Sometimes you see boxes and other times the star emerges which is the fascination with these shapes.
 Sewing up to the quarter inch seam allowance at each intersection allowed that perfect twirling and a softer meeting at each star point. This also made it easier when quilting since I went through each center star. It's not often we gaze at the backside. This twirling is only for the obsessive, but I love it!
Aw, completion. So nice to have this done in order to move onto the next project.

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