Monday, May 07, 2012

Topiary Update, Flat Rock Playhouse

Part of my Master Gardener volunteer work involves working at the State Flat Rock Playhouse.
In an earlier blog I pictured the amazing metal skeleton that the set designer gentlemen made as a topiary depicting the theatre mascot, the Vagabond. Under the guidance of Tamsin Allpress we have finally completed stuffing the figures, which also include a Lassie dog and cat, Boots and Snodgrass. Do stop by and admire these as we wait for the greenery to grow and fill each one. Yes, there is an irrigation system inside each. Here are listed the various plants used just in case you plant to make your own topiary:

     Needlepoint ivy, euonymous fortunei, Vinca Bowles, Black mondo grass for the hair and moustache and creeping thyme with a pink flower for the face, naturally.

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