Monday, May 21, 2012

Second Guild in May

Then off to the Asheville Quilt Guild meeting. They alternate their meetings between evening and daytime at the Folk Art Center on the Parkway. Such a lovely facility to meet and greet quilters.
I was so impressed by the Show and Tell of Joyce Fong. Another wonderful Log Cabin quilt with feather quilting done on her home machine. Very impressive.
Last stop of the week was our very own Western North Carolina Quilters Guild here in Hendersonville.
The guest speaker was Barbara Webster with a fine presentation of the Quilt Trails. Please plan on visiting the Burnsville area and take the drives into the country. You will get caught up in the history, beauty and color of all the blocks on barns. What I especially like is how the designs are based on traditional blocks yet the introduction of new lines tie into a business or a families story to make each design so distinctive. Oh and do not miss the coconut cream pie at the Bakery!
A nice presentation at our guild with a rising student, Samantha Sherlin from West Hendersonville Hight School who sought our a guild member, Bridge O'Mally to work with for her senior project. She is shown with her original quilt designed and made by herself. We certainly need all the young people interested in fiber art today. Congrats, Samantha.

A Three Guild Week

What a week visiting three different guilds. The first, Mooresville Centerpiece Quilters Guild, north of Charlotte, NC gave me a chance to enjoy the meeting and then proceed to lecture and teach in the afternoon. They are preparing for their big quilt show July 27-28 at the Rocky River Elementary School. For further info contact: <> The group proudly displayed an amazing group of Linus quilts in their show and tell. Then, to my surprise, Suzanne Hollihan, displayed a wall hanging that her Mother made from one of my books. Shades of my past haunt me everywhere!

The neatest idea I have seen in a long time was this new contraption used for "Show and Tell". It is nothing but two poles with clamps attached at each end. Sure makes it easier to show those big quilts. The inventor, Jean Cagle, used to work with my husband years ago. Pretty clever, Jean.  I was proud to show one of my latest Log Cabin quilts with the updated device. Great day with the guild.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Asheville Quilt Show Teaser

It's almost done. Just the border and then I will be ready to enter Lottie's quilt into the Asheville Quilt Show coming this September. (Check out On the Road link of my NEW website) Just imagine that this quilt top was made by my great grandmother and will go to our first great grandchild. That will make it their great, great, great, great, great, great grandmother's quilt. Oh well, I just lost count. There is no hurry for this to happen. However what has made this great is that I have kept a journal of what is happening in our lives every time I have quilted. That goes with the quilt. See you at the show. Yes, I will be doing a demo on Sat AM of the show.

Crazy Patch ala Grid Grip, May 2012

It's just a red crazy patch pillow, but becomes special for a friend who lost her husband and wanted a silk fabric memory of his ties. He was in the military and designing with Grid Grip allows me to piece in his initials on the surface. Trust you can find the R G A.

Monday, May 07, 2012

Yard Tip of the Month, May 2012

Subject: Making walking paths in the woods. From my Master Gardener community garden work we learned that layers of newspaper, not the shiny ads, are great underneath chips and mulch to deter weeds. Even better, are cardboard boxes broken down. Note here I have been saving Oxmoor House boxes and they work great for winding paths. So...the more books I sell the longer the path!

Topiary Update, Flat Rock Playhouse

Part of my Master Gardener volunteer work involves working at the State Flat Rock Playhouse.
In an earlier blog I pictured the amazing metal skeleton that the set designer gentlemen made as a topiary depicting the theatre mascot, the Vagabond. Under the guidance of Tamsin Allpress we have finally completed stuffing the figures, which also include a Lassie dog and cat, Boots and Snodgrass. Do stop by and admire these as we wait for the greenery to grow and fill each one. Yes, there is an irrigation system inside each. Here are listed the various plants used just in case you plant to make your own topiary:

     Needlepoint ivy, euonymous fortunei, Vinca Bowles, Black mondo grass for the hair and moustache and creeping thyme with a pink flower for the face, naturally.

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Back in the Quilt Built studio...

It's the Black & White challenge presented by the Souther Highland Craft Guild, of which I am a proud member. This exhibit opens September 8th so mark your calendars. I am working away with 60 degree diamonds as my focus. Yes, it will be some sort of Baby Block pattern but I am leading toward a more modern approach. Working with the equilateral Grid Grip makes it a lot easier for designing, cutting and stitching. Stay tuned to see my results.
When in Asheville, do stop by the Folk Art Center <> for viewing of the latest exhibit plus shopping in the wonderful store.

Spring, 2012 Nature at it's best....

Nature at it's best when the tulip poplar blossoms scatter the ground each spring. Then the worse in nature when on April 18th, 3:29 am a thunder storm brought down our tallest tulip poplar tree. It exploded in many parts with huge limbs in every direction. Thankfully not in our bedroom which was just feet away.

We are still cleaning up debris.