Saturday, December 01, 2012

NYC in a day, 2012

Took a train, subway, taxi and our own feet for an amazing day in NYC. Our first stop was 9/11. We stood in awe of the construction and much contemplation around the North and South pools.
 A study in pointillism for this beautiful African tile mural in the subway.
 Do not miss a walk on the HighLine created from abandoned railway ties. The landscaping is outstanding interspersed with many cozy hideaways to eat, sun and relax.
 Chrysler must be very proud of this artful display. Bet it is especially cool at night with the lights.
 I can not seem to escape those 60 degree diamonds--even when we ate out lunch at the coolest place.
 How clever is this? Ours sons smallest lending library right in front of his home. Just take one and bring one back. Should have left a few of  my own there for the local quilters. Ended the day with a two hour lecture at the Adult Montclair School. What a wonderful day.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Bragging Rights: JC Campbell 2012 Class

Yes, as a teacher I have bragging rights for my JC Campbell fall class this year. It was all about the 60 degree angle with quite an array of designs emerging. Using the equilateral Grid Grip as a design element they drew on the gridded freezer paper, coded the paper and then used it as a template, adding the quarter inch seam allowance,  for each of their projects. 

 A study in diamonds was a past wall hanging made for an AQS charity event became the inspiration for Nancy's work in progress below. As noted she turned her baby block set ups in another direction.
 Charnell used total restraint for her mountain scape small wall hanging, but then had the benefit of completing her project!
 With a baby quilt in mind, Barbara kept it simple and played off the dark, light and medium aspect of the design. Nothing simple about piecing those "Y" connections, however.
 Linda from Alaska was able to work out an intriguing array of batik fabrics for a small wall hanging.

Waynette decided on a full quilt top working with a 9" diamond that evolved into four patches and nine patches taking advantage of that perfect obtuse, open angle for the mountain range. Stars with personality accent the sky. Wonder if she will put a border on this? Great job!
 Patsy was very proud to complete an adaptation of a favorite camera shot from a western trip.

 Always great to have that over achiever in class as Maxine proves it completing two designs.
 Sandra came with an amazing picture from a vacation trip and struggled to interpret it in fabric. It was not easy. I shared with her my favorite quote, "A task easily done leaves little satisfaction", so in the end she was very satisfied.

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Fall Catch Up, 2012

A busy quilt fall started in August with a grand celebration of the 30th anniversary of 
The Western North Carolina Quilt Guild, celebrating quilting and friendship. 
I was very proud to be the founding President and more proud to be here to witness it's growth.

 Then it was off to Springfield, Ohio to the Remembrance Quilt Guild. How best to get the ambiance of any guild than to view their Show and Tell.
 I taught my TriAxial weaving. It is such fun watching those 60 degree diamonds evolve from simple over and under weaving. Here Yana works on finishing, which she did!

What a pleasure to drive south on that country road, highway 68, to view many blocks on barns. It is not easy to get a picture, but a U turn and parking just off the road got me this shot. Yes, that is tobacco  
hanging below the hexagons. BTW, I am reading Barn Quilts by Suzi Parron. I highly recommend it for a stimulating explanation of this exciting growth. 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Summer starts to fade away---

Outside our front door summers blooms are starting to fade, but the roses, lavender and anemone's
remain vital. The most fun this year has been the prolific hyacinth bean vine. It has covered the picket fence and is full of the brilliant seed pods. If you must try for next year, send me a SASE and I will mail it your way!

A PTA (Professional Textile Artists) monthly meeting

There is nothing like a monthly "group" meeting to get stimulated and leave with admiration for your fellow quilters. Here, Mary Stori, shows off her wonderful quilt that will go to a library in honor of her brother. Yes, those are books hanging from a tree. Check this out in person at the Asheville Quilt Show, Sept. 28030 at the Agricultural Center across from the airport.

 Mary lives in a charming log house with a circa Civil War tool shed. It was built on the spot from reclaimed log parts, even with an authentic floor inside. Wonder if she has considered hens?
 Lynne Harrill spent many days dyeing just an amazing collection of fabric. Now we will await to see what she does with these lovelies.

The Heart Wedding Quilt

"Quilts are not just for remembering, but for reliving their making." Not sure who said it but it certainly speaks to many of our vintage quilts. I have owned this red/green quilt for years and always wanted to recreate it in some form. A wedding seemed like the perfect solution. It is a variation of an Irish Chain but I re directed the hearts and replaced many squares with print navy fabric. It will be on it's way to Portland, Oregon soon. 

Yes, they have a dog so I found the perfect doggie paw print for the backing. The white strips were signed and collected at the wedding and at a shower for the couple. 

2012 Nine Quarter Circle Ranch Retreat

Once again, Montana is the chosen spot for our annual fall retreat. Celebrating 100 years of the Nine Quarter Circle Ranch in the Gallatin Gateway of Montana meant a special project. So, Charlotte Warr Andersen and I combined forces for our design. The center picture credits go to Kelly Kelsey, owner of the ranch along with Kim, her husband. She had her digital picture printed on the most lovely cotton. 

We used so many techniques for this wallhanging that the ladies were really kept busy. The exciting news is that you all will get a glimpse into this week since Ricky and Alex from The Quilt Show (the popular internet show, came and paid us a filming visit. Look for that sometime next year. 

                                                             "Heavenly Centennial"

Class in progress in the sewing lodge room. Charlotte staying interested, hopefully. These photos
compliments of Charlotte, by the way, since I lost my camera somewhere in Montana! Like loosing your right arm. Never again.
 Yes, a full moon while we were there. Inspiration for next years project, possibly. How beautiful!
Hang on, Ricky and Alex! What a whirlwind day we had. They were everywhere and we topped it off with rain, hail, lightening and loosing our power-just for one night.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hen Happy, July 2012

Meet Goldie and Comet, our new hen coop addition. They are Golden Comets, about 5 months old and giving us two brown pullet eggs every day. They are part Anglophile with their UK flags waving in the breeze to ward off hawks and owls. Very gentle and so much fun to watch. The previous hens are happy at their foster home. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Show House for our PTA Quilts, July, 2012

Our Professional Textile Artist group gets to "brag a bit" at the Interlude Showhouse,
at least until August the 5th. Come see our working studio just full of color and fiber opportunities. 
Each room has a decorator who has created an eyeful of delight and ideas.
Click on for more info

Summer Time, 2012 Hometown Exploration

It is always exciting to discover a business right in your own hometown that relates to fabric started by Bethanne Knudson and Stephen Michelson. The Oriole Mill is just that new textile mill with quality as it's goal. Our Professional Textile Artist group were honored to have a personal tour of the mill by Kelly Gassert. The machinery was awesome, large and being run by highly skilled operators. The results are amazing jacquard woven fabrics that use linen, wool and Egyptian cotton. Look for them on line with a store very soon and learn more about this business at  or phone 828-693-5500

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tip of the June month, 2012

 Just finishing up my Lottie and Georgia quilt for the Asheville Quilt Show this September,, and discovered I needed more quilting in the border. The best stencils can be made with contact paper so you can just quilt on the edges, release it from the fabric and re stick it onto another segment. It saves using a marking pen. Sometimes I have to make more than one template as the sticky stuff picks up threads but sure works well as it is pliable.
Just one more thing. We have moved the quilt block to a more prominent place of honor on the front of our cottage. It is the same block, Rising Moon Over Magic Mountain, that is used as a watermark on my new web site. Yes, it was designed by Barbara Webster and her husband and is featured on one of the Quilt Trails up in Burnsville, NC

Building Blocks, 2012 in progress

 Sharing with "you all" the progress of my Building Blocks entry into the Black & White 3 exhibit for the Folk Art Center, display starting September 8 2012 until January 8, 2013. This is a members only exhibit, Southern Highland Craft Guild,  so expect not only fiber, but wood, pottery, jewelry, iron and beyond. When in doubt about setting, I often go to the grandchildren's favorite plastic hexagon tiles for help and then use my new equilateral, 60 degree diamonds as a template.
 You can tell I had to add an extra triangle on the outside of some diamonds to set the stage for the blocks building properly. Sometimes you see boxes and other times the star emerges which is the fascination with these shapes.
 Sewing up to the quarter inch seam allowance at each intersection allowed that perfect twirling and a softer meeting at each star point. This also made it easier when quilting since I went through each center star. It's not often we gaze at the backside. This twirling is only for the obsessive, but I love it!
Aw, completion. So nice to have this done in order to move onto the next project.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Second Guild in May

Then off to the Asheville Quilt Guild meeting. They alternate their meetings between evening and daytime at the Folk Art Center on the Parkway. Such a lovely facility to meet and greet quilters.
I was so impressed by the Show and Tell of Joyce Fong. Another wonderful Log Cabin quilt with feather quilting done on her home machine. Very impressive.
Last stop of the week was our very own Western North Carolina Quilters Guild here in Hendersonville.
The guest speaker was Barbara Webster with a fine presentation of the Quilt Trails. Please plan on visiting the Burnsville area and take the drives into the country. You will get caught up in the history, beauty and color of all the blocks on barns. What I especially like is how the designs are based on traditional blocks yet the introduction of new lines tie into a business or a families story to make each design so distinctive. Oh and do not miss the coconut cream pie at the Bakery!
A nice presentation at our guild with a rising student, Samantha Sherlin from West Hendersonville Hight School who sought our a guild member, Bridge O'Mally to work with for her senior project. She is shown with her original quilt designed and made by herself. We certainly need all the young people interested in fiber art today. Congrats, Samantha.