Sunday, July 31, 2011

Seta Color/ Landrum Guild


My workshop for the Landrum Guild was a great success. Lots of color on a hot, summer day with lots of sunshine. It is always a surprise for the results.



Combining colors and leaf application with more spray on seta color adds to the interest.



Not just color, but other items that "hug" the fabric can produce unusual design. Here, a perfect effect for a hair stylist quilter!



Don't be shy with color. 



Wearing gloves is a must. The kosher salt sprinkled on the damped, colored fabric is a great result also. 

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WoolenSails said...

That looks like fun, I have been wanting to do some dying and experimenting and great time of year to do it outside.


Thenutmeg2000 said...

I just saw your show on using plants and the mallet to make prints on cloth. I was looking to see if you had the directions anywhere for that preparing the fabric section? I do tons of fiber dyeing for spinning and have a lot of the supplies on hand. I also use Earth Guild supplies and chuckled to myself when I recognized your containers and thought "Oh, is it bad I know who makes those?". I really enjoy your different methods of quilting and they related to other hand crafts as well. Thanks! Hazel