Friday, April 22, 2011

Chicken update, spring 2011

Yes, they are still pecking away. The Puff Orp's have grown and laying
now, but Miss Priss has gone broody. So I have her isolated with 3
fertilized eggs underneath. Wow, that mothering instinct is so
strong. She will not move and has a glaze across her eyes. I have
marked the eggs for May 11th so will wait and see what happens. Also,
Miss Dumb Ball decided to molt, so eggs have been sparse this spring.
Oh well, things change, eventually.

Friday, April 15, 2011

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

just returned, 2011


Just returned from a great visit to the Gate City Quilt Guild in Greensboro, NC. Taught the Scrap Soup quilt in a smaller version. So many color combinations and always good to see one completed.



Segments in progress and will await the final version. This is the quilt I will teach in a full size at the JC Campbell Folk School this November. Check out the class on their web site



Karen's quilt will have subtle variations of batik and aqua. 



This time dark will accent the top, bottom and sides with scrap combinations in the center. 

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Our escape Retreat to Lake Logan, 2011

A rusted fabric demo by Kate Weston



Rolling our fabric around used wine bottles with copper bands and steel wool.



Kate in full demo action!



Mary Stori hard at work.



Mary finally putting the final touches on that hexagon quilt.


Linda Cantrell just keeping us in stitches.



Gen contemplating the next fabric for a second plaid quilt. 

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Shellville, Florida, 2011


A Florida condo complete with Shells everywhere--from the walls



to the cross motif



to the mirrors



naturally, the sunrise



to the Pink and White shells my sister collected. What is the story about pink and white shells. If anyone knows, please respond! How interesting that my sister would collect items that repeat the same way symmetrical quilt blocks repeat. It is in the family genes. 


More shells. Some as tiny as a fingernail, but ALL pink and white from the same beach on the northern east coast line of Florida.

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Spring Classes, 2011


Te Real Trip Around the World classes continue. This time at My Quilt Shoppe with a great class each doing their own thing. Awe, the array of color exploding outward is a real treat!



It's like you can not go wrong with this quilt. Each band of color works.



Guess where this quilt will end up? At Florida State in a college dorm.



Judith really worked on her color arrangements and guess what, it works well!

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Poor neglected Blog,,Busy, busy spring 2011


Shades of my Winter Montreat, NC Retreat. Finally completed my Log Cabin. This simple 'ol pattern always amazes me at the wonderful settings.
I am proud to show off some of the students works, in progress, of course.



Pat's baby quilt as a gift.



Lynda always does it up bright and beautiful!



Lorraine mixed it all up and was proud to get done.



Hope to see this completed at Nancy's exhibit in Manteo. Go girl, go and get those stitches done.



Deborah's quilt top has that young upbeat touch. 

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