Friday, December 09, 2011

JC Campbell Folk School 2011 (Set Two)

Show and Tell for my Scrap Soup class this fall. What an array of colors and a variety of fabrics. Wow, did they stitch away. Twelve great students. Next year I teach in October using my new equilateral grid paper to create mountains. Check it out at


Such a unique selection of classes for the week. Imagine the great book made from a triscuit box.


Another class using leftovers makes an amazing sign.


The new Blacksmith studio is awesome. We enjoyed a special demo here.


The railings and banisters are a sampler of opportunities. The selection is never ending.


More from up above. This new studio is state of the art and so inviting.


JC Campbell Folk School 2011 (Set One)

I Sing Behind The Plow & My Bernina


The setting: My JC Campbell Folk School fall class, Brasstown, NC  The project: Scrap Soup 


Nancy loved her special fabric but could not cut it apart. It took a lot of arm twisting to convince her that it would make a great border.


Nancy's quilt in progress. Note the diagonal scrap soup collection of colors. More of the print will frame the quilt


Waynette's array of orange, aqua and lavender just stole the show. The class room is the greatest with our own design wall, separate tables and pull down machine outlets. Ready, set, sew! 


Becky's quilt featured the light diamonds with a scrappy background. It really works.


Nancy really mixed it up with these offbeat colors and prints.


Vivki's quilt top is truly scraps with a dark background and white accent built in border


A touch of americana and so precise.  More to come.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Fall, 2011, Germany


Sure enough, found a quilter in Garmisch. Marion Caspers is responsible for initiating the Alpine Quilters in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. She has lived in the USA and now brings her skills to the area. They were having their quilt show the week after I left so she was really busy but kind enough to welcome me to her studio. I felt right at home in her awesome work room. A project in every corner with a lovely view outside. She has created a technique of layering knit fabric, ala T shirts, that are then painted with hand sewn motifs. Very clever and pretty.



A wall hanging of Marion's depicting her various designs and styles.



A better view of her T shirts. 


This apple strudel was well worth the strenuous 2 hour hike. 



We made it to the top of the Zugspitze, the highest peak in Germany. (2,962 meters) All it took was train, cable car, and gondola. 



Imagine the snow and it was October--last years snow!


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Fall, 2011, Danube River Cruise


From our river ship I got to cycle one day and was overwhelmed with the grafiti or "wall art" on any blank space. I have since heard that some areas are rented or bought in order to express yourself with paint. Great opportunity if you live in Europe--open a spray paint store!



Some so called art even appears to be from children? Maybe teachers encourage this, who knows?



I spent the morning at the Albertina museum and realized after I took the picture that the risers of the stairs depict Monet's lily pond. Pretty clever.




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Fall, 2011, The Danube and Germany


The start of a trip of a lifetime. Left quilting behind, but had lots of inspiration, beautiful weather and wonderful food. Departing on the Amadolce from Budapest.
As my Mother's needlepoint framed picture says, "I'm So Glad I'm Back, I'm Happy I Went"


Hexagons have never looked like this before here on the Mathias Church in the Fisherman's Bastion. 


Grandmother's Flower Garden just glows in the sunshine on another part of the same Mathias Church.


Down River the Museum on the banks of the Danube in Linz, Austria is night time lights. An amazing building with a rectangular opening in the middle part.
It is a glass building with over 3000 printings of the name muesum on the exterior. Oh, if only I could have spent the day here. More to see up river. 


Probably the finest fabric shop I have even seen in the heart of Garmisch, Partenkirchen, Germany. The name is Grasegger and there is no web site. No problem you could not afford the fabric anyway. However, they should charge just to feel the fine cottons, linens, and thin wools. All for making authentic dirndls. I went back twice and finally found a remnant underneath a table for a blouse.



Upstairs at Grasegger in the men's department they gave me permission to take this picture. Stacking wood is the big thing in Gernany as many still use it for heat.



Sure enough, spotted this in a window while on a morning hike.  Will continue this post as there is more to share.




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Friday, September 16, 2011

Historic Flat Rock Village


For those traveling quilters please put Flat Rock, NC on your destination. Great shopping, food at Hubba Hubba barbecue, Dean's Deli and The Flat Rock Village Bakery. Love those scones!  



This is our little answer to Rainbow Row right here in western NC.



The Book Exchange now carries all four of my remaining books in their store. Hours are 10 to 4 Monday through Saturday. Please contact me ahead of time and if I am in town I will gladly come greet you and "talk quilts". I live right around the corner. You might recognize this Old Post Office, circa 1844-45, from my book New Ideas for Lap Quilting, page 103. Since our quilt shops have closed in town this is an opportunity to at least buy books. I really like it that the Ladies Aid Society proceeds are used solely for the less fortunate in our community. Charity starts at home. 



Our Village Hall of Flat Rock. Another restored village in town, where our government resides. Do visit this building as the quilt below is a feature in one of the conference rooms. 



The History of Flat Rock in Needlework, dedicated in 1999  Every residence tells a story. A booklet in the room where the quilt hangs claims the story and the person executing the needlework. Bravo, ladies!

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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

More from the Ranch

Happy Hour every day gets us away from the sewing machine. Also it is a time to hear of any spotted wildlife on those trail rides. 



Does Marcia look happy or not?



The big scare this time was a roving grizzly. This sat for three days but they did not catch him. He broke down the stable door to get grain but then decided to evade the trap. 




Show and Tell with projects from home is always a fun time. Here is Nancy proudly showing off.



Bunny amazed us with her prolific work. 



Wendy and last years project, now completed. Yeah!

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Nine Quarter Circle Ranch Workshop


Every combination of the Interlock pattern was successful in color renditions. A Ropin and Ridin quilt top.



Valeria pushed the color combinations so well.



Ann even went further combing red and rusty orange.



Wendy is pretty proud to have finished.



Hopefully, they are all home working on their applique long horn border.

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August at the Nine Quarter Circle Ranch


Pete, my husband, wetting a fly on the Taylor Fork in Montana. 



Pretty nifty weed taken on a walk to Meadow Lake.



No wonder it is Big Sky country.



A storm a brewing over our cabins.



A big welcome at the Bozeman airport. They upgraded the airport terminal and just wonderful to come and go there.

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