Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Chicken Christmas, 2010

Yes, Yes, I know this is a Quilt Blog, but must share two new additions to the flock-now just 4 chickens. Introducing Miss Priss and Sister Priss who are 4 month old Buff Orpington's. Not ready to lay yet, but very nice chickens. With this weather they stay inside the coop a lot.


The purpose of this picture is my chicken "tip of the day". With below freezing temps I am using an old crock pot set on low to keep the water just right. Saves going to the water feeder every hour or so when the fool thing freezes. Yes, our Delaware's are giving us two brown eggs a day. www.thelittleyellowsewingbox.com  Now, please take the time and check out Jeni's blog from the JC Campbell Folk School class this November. How fun to watch her quilt grow with fabric from all over the world. 

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