Sunday, November 28, 2010

Flag Fun

Using #12 foot made it possible to quickly stitch multiple flags to cording about every 9".


Using the new triangle Grid Grip also made it easy to cut out repeated large triangles that just folded over the cording.


Is it a car dealership? Maybe it's a circus come to town? 


Of course not, it's my hawk protection for the Chicken coop. They are strung between some bird netting and seems to be working. For sure a quilter lives here!

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Lana said...

I love those! You did a great job showing us how to make our the chicken coop!

Anonymous said...

those are great flags!

and love your trip around the world images.

i've got one going but i've used the old fashioned method of set in seams around and around and template tracing.

jeniandbilly said...

These are the best loved chickens ever! I have a pole with a plastic flag on it for the back of my bike and I think I will adapt your idea here for a more hip flag! Thanks Georgia!