Sunday, November 28, 2010

Flag Fun

Using #12 foot made it possible to quickly stitch multiple flags to cording about every 9".


Using the new triangle Grid Grip also made it easy to cut out repeated large triangles that just folded over the cording.


Is it a car dealership? Maybe it's a circus come to town? 


Of course not, it's my hawk protection for the Chicken coop. They are strung between some bird netting and seems to be working. For sure a quilter lives here!

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

November 2010 JC Campbell Folk School

Home from the JC Campbell Folk School where I taught the Real Trip Around the World class. Mine is black and white with bright accents. A cup of tea is a must as I finish this quilt, compliments from Country Stitches, 30 W. Main Street, Blue Ridge, GA 30513. Check it out when you are that "neck of the woods".


The broom class totally fascinated me. It takes strong hands to wrap these brooms. I learned why my brooms at home where not this pretty, including my Shaker Village broom. Never leave your broom outside. I came home and promptly sprayed them with bleach and then once dried I used some vinegar. 


Yes, they had fun. Priscilla, Jennille, Debbie, Cathy and Linda are bonded "groupies" and really stitched away every day. 


Entrance to the new Blacksmith shop. What a wonderful facility complete with upstairs classroom, library and lecture area.


The old, Frances Whitaker blacksmith shop which is being updated and still in use adjoining the new facility. 


Note there are empty spaces just waiting for donations. A proud accomplishment for the Folk School.


I am proud to have helped with one of the beams honor of Frances Whitaker (his wife, Portia, took many of my classes) and Charlie Fuller.


Jeni and Billy performing for us in the classroom. They write all of their own music and harmonize together for their folk Appalachian songs.  They traded fabric for music as they toured England this summer. We can hardly wait to see the quilt complete and hanging at their shows. 

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The Real Trip Around the World at JC Camplbell Folk School

A class picture, November, 2010, at the quilt grows. Yes, it is a 3 or maybe 4 bobbin quilt of stitching. 


Our Appalachian music star of the class, Jeni, who traded music for fabric while touring England this summer. Every piece holds a memory and a story.


Our quilt backs become fiber art with those twirling, flat intersections. Tedious, but well worth it!


Somewhere over the rainbow lies a finished quilt top!


Carol and Geni laboring away, stitch by stitch and row by row.


How great is this to have a design wall and a whole table for every student as you get to watch the quilt grow. 


A typical sunny fall day with those gleaming red roofs. So much to learn and so little time. 

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More of November, 2010

Grid Grip is BACK! If you have used and enjoyed Grid Grip for designing and stitching it is back. Now, not only the quarter inch grid but equilateral too. 


For ease in designing think graph pad and template at the same time. Think coding the block, placing cross over clues across seam lines, cut apart, press onto backside of fabric (noting this will create a mirror image when stitched), cut out templates and stitch together. Peel off templates to be re uses many times.
The best part is that the grid aligns with the grain line of fabric for stable blocks. 


With blocks that are symmetrical only 3 templates are needed. One template can cut out several layers of fabric.


Just imagine the new possibilities with equilateral triangles. Baby blocks, stars, Grandmother's Flower Garden, etc, Check out ordering this on my Quilt Store link of my web site  Be patient, as my web master is a busy person. There will be 2 sheets each in the package 21" x  30"

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November, 2010

How is this for a pumpkin patch? The focal point for the Country Living 2010 Fair in Atlanta. The last day they raffled it off-one by one. Yes, that is our daughter Amy having a fun day too.


We did some damage there as we strolled from one amazing booth to the next. 


How cute it this?


Amongst all of the imported quilts it was nice to view a Made in America booth. This one by Jeanne Proctor from Ann Arbor, MI sure caught our eyes. AND she made all of the quilts. Guess we know what she does all winter.  (


They do this same show in Ohio too. Check it out next year.

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