Monday, October 11, 2010

Fall, 2010 update

Reporting in from The Ranch, The Nine Quarter Circle Ranch, Gallatin Gateway, MT. Another beautiful week full of hikes, quilting and riding. Once again, even though quilting was the subject we learned from the students. Pat came with this adorable little rope basket wound with beautiful, colorful ribbon so we had a lesson after a trip to the yarn shop in Bozeman. My granddaughters will love this one.

One again, Pat stole the show with her patchwork cover for her Bernina to carry on board. Yep, no zippers or velcro. She just sews it up every time with the threads showing. The security people did not have the heart to make her undo the stitching. A little travel tip. Ahhh, loving hands at home does it again!

Here are the instigators, Charlotte Warr Andersen, Kelly Kelsey and myself on a stroll down to the stables. 

Julie auditioning her border material for her stable.


Nancy made her own barn quilt block according to her own ranch at home, why not?

Pat cozy up by the fire.

This years project inspired by the Quilt Trails in NC. Yes, I have certainly been barn sided. Hope you have enjoyed that web site and peruse it often as Barbara Webster is always updating things. They are getting ready for another road rally.




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