Monday, October 11, 2010

Fall, 2010 continues

Happy Hour cabin and offices greet everyone upon arrival at The Nine Quarter Circle Ranch


Pretty tense situation here as the colts get branded each season. It's a real "cowboy" thing and awesome to watch. It only hurts a minute!


Here's Kelly at that Yarn Shop off Main Street, Bozeman, MT. Pretty clever how they decorate the railing into their awesome shop. 


By the way, do not miss Quilting In the Country shop owned by Jane Quinn in Bozeman, MT. So much to see in her two buildings with ideas and fabric everywhere. I use her cook books weekly and enjoy the great recipes. The gardens are certainly worth a walk around. Must be the mountain air that makes everything grow big and plentiful.  


Just look at those hollyhocks!


Wash day was never like this. Much better use for containers.

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