Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring, 2010

Welcome Spring, 2010....What better way to welcome spring than the gift that keeps on giving. Last Mother's Day this bouquet graced our home, now it blooms outside.

Finally, The Real Trip Around the World quilt pattern is available as a pattern. It was a Montreat Retreat project a couple of years ago and quite the success with well over 3000 pieces and 54 different fabrics. Not a problem with rotary cutter pre cut strips. Check it out on the Quilt Store link of the web site.

We were there! In Burnsville, NC (when are they going to change the name to Barnsville, NC?) for the installation of the Sundial. This vertical quilt block sundial was elevated to be completely exposed and not hidden by the newspaper building overhang. How very clever. That is Barbara Webster documenting every step of the installation with her Sundial T shirt on for the special day. The Sundial design is by Bob Hampton and Martin Webster.

Finally, up on the building ready to tell the time of day--any season. Yes, there are guides available at the Quilt Trails Gift Shop at the Chamber of Commerce. You can even see the sundial from the Burnsville Town Square. Make a special trip to the area for viewing and appreciating all of their hard work. Go to for more info.

Closer to home on our own barn (well, not exactly but a shed/carport) I have my very own Rising Moon Over Magic Mountain designed by Barbara Webster and painted especially for me by Jac'line Weisgerber. It hangs behind our red twig dogwood and "Chief Seattle" folk art.

Mark your calendar for a road trip to Burnsville in June when the Montreat Retreat quilters will have their very own Barn wall hanging exhibit. Where else but the the Chevy dealership right downtown. You can find the building with the 65 Vette block.


shop said...

spring flowers always been great.

Linda said...

I absolutely LOVE the sundial! The colors alone are wonderful, but the design is perfect.

de said...

All of my Lap Quilting books were lost in a move. i want to make an animal themed quilt for our first grandchild, and I remember some pieced animal blocks. Please tell me which book they are in so I can replace that one first! Thanks so much! Dianefracel