Monday, January 11, 2010

Winter, 2010 Addendum

Attention! Addendum, Slip of the computer hand in leaving out two good pictures. The first is taken inside the work hall where the ladies began tracing their saint designs onto Grid Grip on those light filled windows. The perfect light box! Plus Sr Tabitha showing off the progress of her Cranberry Bog wall hanging started in a class with Charlotte Warr Andersen last spring.


Debbie J said...

Ms. Bonesteel, what a great trip that was to Cape Cod! The Saint Wallhangings will be wonderful. I enjoyed the first post and the addendum. It does look like snow where the oyster shells are.

I posted my first quilt finish of 2010 yesterday. I have great plans, all in my head of course, for more quilting this year.

Debbie J.

Renee said...

Georgia, Just watched a marathon of your shows on Create and was so inspired--love your tips and tricks!! I learned so much, especially loved the whacky quilts segment from the quilt shop!
Renee Atkinson

evision said...