Sunday, October 11, 2009

Montana 2009

Bison from Yellowstone National Park. This animal was the design theme in September for our (co-teacher, Charlotte Warr Andersen) quilt retreat at the Nine Quarter Circle Ranch. The ranch in the Gallatin Gateway south of Bozeman is close enough for a yearly jaunt to the park. One is always assured of viewing bison-on the road, around Old Faithful and especially in the Hayden Valley.

My project, Montana, became a special quilt poster complete with trout, bison and arrow set in a landscape of mountains. Accents became beads for that extra shimmer and glitz. I donated the original one to the IQA auction in Houston coming up next week. Now, about that bison T shirt! I tried my best to give it away with no takers so I ended up with this "Hairy chested wonder"!


Debbie J said...

Sounds like lots of fun!

I posted about your book again today on my new blog,, showing my first real quilt made from patterns in the book.

Michaela said...

Georgia! I'm so tickled you have a blog! I was sitting here watching a rerun of Lap Quilting (Teach the Teachers) and decided to look you up.

I'm a huge fan : )