Tuesday, May 12, 2009

May, 2009, Touring quilters

Nothing like a field trip to Burnsville, NC to energize the quilting mind, especially when quilt patterns are bold and center front on buildings in town. Barbara Webster is the moving force behind this wonderful display. Go to www.quilttrailswnc.org to get the full picture and to become inspired for your own home state. Barbara will come and give a presentation on how to do this step by step.

The blocks are classic patterns, but each has a twist which make them unique.

Study this block carefully. Yes, inside is a stocking factory and we sure got some good deals. One has to call ahead for this shopping spree but well worth the stop.

A lovely variation of Bear's Paw or maybe you have another name for this block.

We even had a tour of how this process all begins. Large sections are painted first and the secret is having a fork lift friend for installation!

Back to the garden. My new passion. Yes I have put a swinging blue door on one of my trails. It says "Entering Rest" and on the reverse you know what it says---"Leaving R--t"

New denim quilt we just finished for the Frugal Design Showcase Home tour here in Hendersonville, NC. It is a model home that will be completely decorated with furnishings supplied solely from the retail thrift stores in town affiliated with a non profit agency. The proceeds to view the home will be given back to the thrift stores and items are for sale. The quilt was made by our PTA group. Go to www.frugaldesign-hvl.com for info. The tour is June 19th and 20th.

Hot off the sewing machine is my show sample for the Quilt Market in Pittsburgh to be delivered this Saturday. Think cozy, sweet bedroom, inspired by the floral quilts of Marie Webster so the name is "Beddy Byes" and yes you can download the pattern off the internet at www.windhamfabrics.com

Stay tuned for more later. My Bernina is presently resting! Georgia