Monday, February 23, 2009

Hurry Up Spring, 2009

Yes, hurry up spring since the blue bird house is all cleaned out and waiting. They insist on a clean house after every family leaves the nest. What fun it is to feed them meal worms. The Advanced Master Gardener (sounds like I know everything outdoors, but not true) has started up again. There is so much to learn and we have been busy enhancing the grounds of the State Theatre, The Flat Rock Playhouse that is right around the corner from our "QuiltBuilt" home. Not all shrubs in our yard are green, however. My bottle bush catches the afternoon light and just glows. Not sure the Biltmore House would approve of the use of that top bottle!

Back to my Bernina and Sunflower quilts. Last years Montrat retreat featured variations of Marie Webster's wonderful quilt. Yes, it took a year for completion but just gaze at some of the results. These will be on exhibit this summer at the Hall of Fame Celebration ( The quilts below are made by: Rita, Lynda, Doris, Annette and Mary.

Yes, I did finish my labyrinth and such a nice pleasant walk outside. The grandchildren enjoy it too.

Marie Webster's quilts will be featured and brought back to life in a new line of fabric printed by Baum Textiles. It should be in your quilt stores by July and will be introduced at the Spring Market in Pittsburgh. Go to and click on What's New.

To Be Continued....I am too anxious to see if what I have blogged so far is working. I will be back, Georgia

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