Sunday, November 08, 2009

Fall, 2009

Another Cape Cod teaching trip (more about that later) prompted me to finish an earlier wall hanging for the BayBerry Quilters Guild. I entitled it "One of 26" knowing how many lighthouses there are on the Cape. Please do not get the idea I contribute quilts to every guild I visit, but that trip was special, even getting to kayak on Swan Lake.

Yes, we really enjoy feeding the birds. This began long ago, perhaps when we lived in Minneapolis when that is just about all one does in the wintertime. But we have had to keep our bird feeders in this fall, even during the daytime due to the following picture!

It is hard to imagine but one day during different times we had 7 healthy frisky black bears in our yard. Just what would our 21 year old cat, PeeWee, have done is they had an encounter. Here he is lounging on the sun deck, right where they ambled.

Just a glimpse of the glorious leaves beneath that bird feeder. Wouldn't that make lovely fabric! Now to go outside and rake all of those leaves.

What am I working on presently? Barns and Blocks. This is the theme and project for my week winter quilt retreat in Black Mountain, NC at the William Black Lodge (Feb.5-12) Inspired by the Burnsville quilt trails ( that feature blocks on barns we will make wall hangings. For more info contact Lee R. Lundahl at with the subject Quilt Retreat.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Montana 2009

Bison from Yellowstone National Park. This animal was the design theme in September for our (co-teacher, Charlotte Warr Andersen) quilt retreat at the Nine Quarter Circle Ranch. The ranch in the Gallatin Gateway south of Bozeman is close enough for a yearly jaunt to the park. One is always assured of viewing bison-on the road, around Old Faithful and especially in the Hayden Valley.

My project, Montana, became a special quilt poster complete with trout, bison and arrow set in a landscape of mountains. Accents became beads for that extra shimmer and glitz. I donated the original one to the IQA auction in Houston coming up next week. Now, about that bison T shirt! I tried my best to give it away with no takers so I ended up with this "Hairy chested wonder"!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

July, 2009

My Quilt Shoppe, owned by Lanna and David Gordich, has moved to 1032C Greenville Hwy, Hendersonville, NC 28792. It is located in a mini strip mall on 225 south of town en route to Flat Rock. (Yes, that is my car with the Lapquilt license plate pulled up in front) When in the neighborhood do visit Connemara, a National Historic site, and final home of Carl Sandburg. The Flat Rock Playhouse is right next door where you can see a marvelous play and also check out the newly landscaped gardens by the Master Gardeners of Henderson County

Ah, my Blue Door, "Entering Rest", is now a swinging fixture on the garden path. Plus, the Clematis did very well this year!

This doll needs a home. Here's the story: a friend is moving; downsizing; this Alexander doll comes with it's own antique trunk and hand made vintage doll clothes. Does anyone know the right museum? Do email me at
if you can help. Thank you

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

May, 2009, Touring quilters

Nothing like a field trip to Burnsville, NC to energize the quilting mind, especially when quilt patterns are bold and center front on buildings in town. Barbara Webster is the moving force behind this wonderful display. Go to to get the full picture and to become inspired for your own home state. Barbara will come and give a presentation on how to do this step by step.

The blocks are classic patterns, but each has a twist which make them unique.

Study this block carefully. Yes, inside is a stocking factory and we sure got some good deals. One has to call ahead for this shopping spree but well worth the stop.

A lovely variation of Bear's Paw or maybe you have another name for this block.

We even had a tour of how this process all begins. Large sections are painted first and the secret is having a fork lift friend for installation!

Back to the garden. My new passion. Yes I have put a swinging blue door on one of my trails. It says "Entering Rest" and on the reverse you know what it says---"Leaving R--t"

New denim quilt we just finished for the Frugal Design Showcase Home tour here in Hendersonville, NC. It is a model home that will be completely decorated with furnishings supplied solely from the retail thrift stores in town affiliated with a non profit agency. The proceeds to view the home will be given back to the thrift stores and items are for sale. The quilt was made by our PTA group. Go to for info. The tour is June 19th and 20th.

Hot off the sewing machine is my show sample for the Quilt Market in Pittsburgh to be delivered this Saturday. Think cozy, sweet bedroom, inspired by the floral quilts of Marie Webster so the name is "Beddy Byes" and yes you can download the pattern off the internet at

Stay tuned for more later. My Bernina is presently resting! Georgia

Monday, February 23, 2009

More of Hurry Up Spring, 2009

The Montreat Quilt Retreat Report, 2009 It was a 5 bobbin class. Yes, we stitched ourselves silly, but the results were astounding. I called this quilt "The Real Trip Around the World". quilt. I just can not show all of them but the ones below are in order made from JoAnne, Lee's (all feed sacks), yours truly (I made it to look old and match an antique model) and Lorna (yes, she is from Florida hence the bright colors). I will save the rest for "The Book'!

Now for my tip of the day. Here is a close up of the ultimate in seam rip out! Yes, the answer is a man's mustache trimmer and a good friend to hold the seams taut. It sure did work here for Sheila and Peggy!

Hurry Up Spring, 2009

Yes, hurry up spring since the blue bird house is all cleaned out and waiting. They insist on a clean house after every family leaves the nest. What fun it is to feed them meal worms. The Advanced Master Gardener (sounds like I know everything outdoors, but not true) has started up again. There is so much to learn and we have been busy enhancing the grounds of the State Theatre, The Flat Rock Playhouse that is right around the corner from our "QuiltBuilt" home. Not all shrubs in our yard are green, however. My bottle bush catches the afternoon light and just glows. Not sure the Biltmore House would approve of the use of that top bottle!

Back to my Bernina and Sunflower quilts. Last years Montrat retreat featured variations of Marie Webster's wonderful quilt. Yes, it took a year for completion but just gaze at some of the results. These will be on exhibit this summer at the Hall of Fame Celebration ( The quilts below are made by: Rita, Lynda, Doris, Annette and Mary.

Yes, I did finish my labyrinth and such a nice pleasant walk outside. The grandchildren enjoy it too.

Marie Webster's quilts will be featured and brought back to life in a new line of fabric printed by Baum Textiles. It should be in your quilt stores by July and will be introduced at the Spring Market in Pittsburgh. Go to and click on What's New.

To Be Continued....I am too anxious to see if what I have blogged so far is working. I will be back, Georgia