Sunday, December 14, 2008

Spring, Summer and Fall 2008 Update

Hello, My 1100 and 1200 PBS series, Lap Quilting, continues to instruct and inform a new generation of quilters on Along with that come questions. My button on bib (called a "breast plate" by my English friend, Sheila Peal) was the wardrobe solution for each show. It was a 8326 Simplicity Craft pattern, but probably only found at resale shops now. Each bib denoted the theme of the show. Of course, I can send you a free pattern if you send me a SASE to PO Box 96, Flat Rock, NC. Also, Check my Quilt Store inventory since there are a few selected VHS from these shows for sale.

Here goes a picture review of my great quilt year:
I had a special visit to the Wilkes County Quilters in Boone, NC for the longest show and tell I have ever done with a car load of my quilts. The big surprise was the Sparta Quilters arriving with their finished Tea Pot Quilt. It got a huge round of applause and I was so proud to be the designer. I hope you get to see it in person sometime soon at a national quilt show. Check out http:/

How lucky can we be than to have a nationally known batting company, The Warm Company, right here in our hometown. Tours are available with advance contact with Barry Brown. We have been very impressed with the efficiency and cleanliness of the plant. Check out all of their selection on their web site at I especially like their Insul bright for hot pads.

Sunflowers have been growing at my Bernina. Finally, I finished the tribute quilt to Marie Webster. Several variations will be on display next summer at the Hall of Fame July 2009 Celebration. 1206 This was my winter Montrat project so many tackled the quilt in several sizes and styles. This year we paid tribute to Helen Kelley in great style. I will always cherish her special walk around tour of her exhibit in Marion, Indiana. It is still hard to believe she is not with us anymore. Our hearts go out to Bill and family as they go forward. Next year we induct and honor Merikay Wadvogel. Come join us.

Eagles were our wildlife topic for the Nine Quarter Circle Ranch this fall. Inspired by the wonderful graphics of Charlie Harper I designed a more modern eagle, Moon Over Mount Eagle. We had a great two week class in the Gallatin Gateway, complete with the annual hike up Lincoln Mountain and trips to Yellowstone. Next years wildlife topic are bison. Between glorious sunrises and a touch of snow the weather is always exciting in the fall.

I end this blog with a favorite wall hanging from my PTA "groupies" made a couple of years ago. It is called P is for Pipeline reflecting the Alaskan pipeline where each the group had to use pink and green corded bias (a good deal purchased at an outlet) plus use a pipe in some manner. BTW-It was designed with Grid Grip, available now only on the Quilt Store link. For any bulk orders for teaching or resale contact: