Friday, May 02, 2008

spring, 2008

Hi, All, the spring air pulls me outside away from my Bernina. But I am on a mission to complete the labyrinth, Baltic style. Thought you would like to see it in progress. I tried my best to get sme grandchildren help, but they lost interest after about 20 stones. The garden template is anchored down and then lines indicate where to place the stone. The mulch fills in between. When completed you will get the picture.

We live right around the corner from Connemara, the Carl Sandburg Historic home, and we make a regular hike to the barns when grandchildren visit. This time a new kid had been born. Note what must be a doggy sweater that the yet unnamed kid is wearing to keep warm on a chilly spring morning.

Look what I spotted outside the other day--a rainbow or otherwise known as a Drunkard's Path block. Well, this blog has actually been a BIG test for the Lap Quilter. I will have more post closer together if this works! Doing it myself, like a big girl.
I am anxious to then show you the completed Tea Pot quilt on the next blog. Thanks for clicking onto my blog. Georgia