Monday, January 21, 2008

Winter 2008

Hi, You All,
A new quilt year ahead, but fond memories of 2007 still linger. It ended with several great trips I am anxious to share with everyone. Two weeks at the Nine Quarter Circle Ranch in Montana were filled with hikes, sunny days and lots of quilt interaction. Look hard from Lincoln Mountain and you can see our ranch nestled in the valley. That is the view Charlotte Warr Andersen and I had from the mail box on top. Yes, you must sign in to verify you made the climb. My new best friends on the trail are trekking sticks-not a cane!

My project this year was tri-axial weaving western fabric. The results were awesome wall hangings and vests. This pattern is featured in Georgia Bonesteel's Quiltmaking Legacy book.

Cape Cod was another quilt adventure made special by the Bayberry Quilters Guild. Teaching, lecturing and even sharing quilt stories over meals is a quilters pleasure. It is such a picturesque area complete with over 20 light houses. I stayed a few extra days to tour with a friend. We got to kayak on Swan Lake and checked out many coves and beaches even discovering many foxes. A trip to Nantucket topped the trip.

Then my semi annual trip to the JC Campbell Folk School completed my teaching year. The agenda here was Scrap Soup, in various sizes. Since I had made a large one and a medium size it was time to make a doll bed size. Believe it or not, it took me almost as long to stitch the tiny one as a large one--of course, cutting some pieces out wrong did not help the procedure! This scrap quilt is featured on a new booklet, called Quilters Can Cook, available on the Quilt Store link, so check it out.

I have never seen 12 students work so hard. They were a driven group sewing day and night. A short walk to the dinning hall was the only interruption as we completed our quilts. Wouldn't you know that the youngest and most inexperienced student finished first. She was so excited to be learning patchwork I actually saw her running from the sewing machine to the ironing board. Now that is very fine! I do need to brag on her as she stands in front of her almost completed quilt, Johanna Salmon, from Alaska!

Of course, it is always special when repeat students return, especially when they bring a competed project from another year as Eleanor Brazell did with the Star and Mountain quilt.

Please check out my updated Welcome page on the web site as I go out on a limb with my goals for 2008. Stay in touch and I promise to Blog more often!