Friday, February 17, 2017

"Groupie meetings" February 2017

"Groupies" definition: The opportunity for like minded quilters to congregate with their show and tell, hints and suggestions while engaged in food and liquid refreshment. Oh what fun we have?
At Linda Cantrell's home where she was the chosen host, we get to meet her latest Boston Terrier up for adoption. Sure hope she has found a home since otherwise she lives on her lap. How can one quilt?

 Ruth brags on a wonderful large quilt that was actually finished at the meeting for our Cover Lovers.
 A newly installed Block for the Firefly Art store in Flat Rock, NC We are soon to launch our Quilt Block Trails so we are thrilled this block met the deadline. This activity is in conjunction with Travel & Tourism and the Western North Carolina Quilt Guild. They will have the maps at their location:

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Too Busy To Blog, 2017

A Blog 2017 resolution! Blog More! At least I have some fellow PTA members who are current. Do peruse both and blogs.
Lots of good stuff there!
Now, for a fall update. The Lone Star Ranch quilt was just a top so my goal was to enlarge an enhance the pattern. Now for the quilting. I also finished the paisley teacher sample. More quilting!
That Moda Purebred fabric was so pretty and perfect for the background.

 Welcome Winter at QuiltBuilt Yeah, my BERNINA in full power. As a result I finished a half fan motif from Spinning Spools, Volume I-Pioreer Days #4. It was named Wheels but there must be a more exciting name now.

Welcome a new adventure for me. Actually, one of the reasons we moved to this wonderful town was due to the Curb Market. My parents had retired to Tryon years ago and would always take us there, especially in the summertime, to get our veggies and choice crafts. Fast forward, 40 years, and I have my very own booth there. It is called Georgia & Friends so it gives some of my creative friends to also sell their quilts and related items. You will find pillows, wall hangings, purses and quilts.  Come and visit every Thursday and Saturday-9 until 2:00 until the growing season when we add on Tuesday too. It is on Church Street in the middle of town.

Yes, I even have my
little BERNINA in my booth so as not to miss a stitch.

Here is Cathy with my very first sale.
One of my first seta color fabrics turned into a pillow.

Below is what I did with random toile fabrics to spruce up an old mannequin.
Mod Podge worked great here.

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Summer Time Busy, 2016

Nine Quarter Circle Ranch time again! This year we meet the challenge of the classic Lone Star pattern using the amazing Paint by Number Purebred fabric by Moda. Each student will choose their own 5 accent fabrics. Stay tuned for the results.
 Please check out the Southern Highland Craft Guild exhibit opening this weekend for a couple of months. Linda Cantrell and I are proud to submit our piece called "Roots".  For years I have been intrigued with silhouettes and finally found a way to feature one of our favorite "groupies", Know you will have fun picking out people you might recognize.
 Its crunch time at the sewing machine as I meet the deadline for the Asheville Quilt Show coming up the end of September. Check out the web site for more info. I will be working on Sat, October 1st so hope to see  you there. My entry below is another one of my Interlock quilts using all shades of gray for the background along with darks and lights in prints.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Happenings, April, 2016

Check out the quilt exhibit at our NC Arboretum by our very own PTA members, Mary Stori, Judy Simmons and Kate Weston. Worthy of a trip to see the flowers and beautiful quilts.

 My class that I will be teaching at the Carson Springs retreat this week. It is called "Beginnings
Star Burst" in honor of the quilt block they have up on their quilt shop here in Hendersonville, NC
I decided to teach this basic four patch two ways: Grip Grip freezer paper for half the block and paper piecing for the other half. I will report which way is the more popular. Should be interesting!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Weekend Party, March 18-20, 2016

Good News-This weekend the is having an International Quilt Weekend Party where you can go to:  and sign up for prizes and the chance to watch over 200 shows FREE. Do catch my legend show
#1713 and a chance to tour QuiltBuilt here in Flat Rock, NC

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

A Bit of Nostalgia, 2016

Sentimental Ties
I just finished some necktie purses made from our family gentlemen from the past. I call them One Tie Wonders, but the real master of these little bags in our son's Mother In Law who has her own business. Send her that special tie and she will make it into a charming bag complete with a hand selected pin. Go to: 

 A Sunday afternoon trip to Biltmore House revealed the vintage wedding dresses from movies. Per usual the decorations were inspiring.

 It sure made me think of my Fashion Office days at Marshall Field & Co where I got to peruse all the fashion departments, especially the wedding dresses. Being engaged gave me the opportunity to find my own wedding dress compete with puffy sleeves. Remember when dresses were not strapless?
April is our special 57 anniversary. Let's carry on, Pete!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A Big Thanks-The Quilt Show & More, 2016

For those quilting friends who watched my Legend Show on The QuiltShow and then made memorable comments, I personally thank you. So many memories, so much fun. Do consider joining this great on going internet show. Lot's to still learn and put to practice. Below you will see an adorable doll quilt from the Chop Suey or Scrap Happy quilt made at several retreats. The lower picture taken at a JC Campbell Folk School week class. Going there again this May teaching The Lone Star quilt.
 A Mark Your Calendar date for all NC residents. February 3rd, at 8:00 pm UNC-V will air
"America's First Forest", produced by Paul Bonesteel. Learn about forestry that started at The Biltmore house.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Merry Christmas, 2015

Family, tradition and quilted stockings hung on the fireplace. A special Christmas day spent in Asheville, NC with Paul and family. Forge ahead for 2016
Hope you get to watch The Quilt Show segment filmed here in Flat Rock. My, what a crew and they certainly work hard. We had to wait awhile to get inside the State Playhouse as they had to remove a bat before any performance!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Quilt Show with Ricky and Alex, 2015 and beyond!

Lots of excitement with the airing this Monday, December 21st on The Quilt Show. Anxious to view this with "you all". It is offered FREE from December 27th until January 3rd, 2016. Hope you enjoy!!

Holiday with Henny and Penny

How silly is this? But when you have two hens, Henny and Penny, and a years worth of eggs shells this is what you take as gifts for the NC State Playhouse Garden club. I simply pounded the shells into small pieces so they are ready to add calcium to the soil. Somewhat off beat from quilting but a great recycle thing.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Quilt Show & Kingsport, TN

Sure hope you can find time for a cup of tea and

Two wonderful episodes with Alex and Ricky. It's a chance to learn new things and get to know one of our PTA members and see her paint stick techniques, Judy Simmons.
PTA ala Professional Textile Artists--no longer do we go to school and PTA!

I am just back from a great two days with the First Frontier Quilters of Kingsport, TN.
Show & Tell is always full of surprises. A member showed off her McAllister McPuff quilt from Easy Does It Quilts book. It sure brought back memories of two trips to the Isle of Arran in Scotland where I taught in the Piggery and ate the very best shortbread made by Judy McAllister, the originator of the Puff pattern. 

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Post Houston, 2015

A busy time in Houston teaching 4 classes and 2 lectures. The enthusiasm and excitement is contagious with eager students and beautiful quilts. It was fun to share the triaxial weaving class in the Saturday Sampler below.

 Here is a sample of a happy student along with her T shirt and finished quilt top in the Interlock class. Maybe I will change the name of my new book! which is called Scrap Happy. By the Way, you can check out the progress on my new Facebook page called Scrap Happy.

 In another class I shared two versions of angled mountains using Grid Grip. Many had never tried using the printed freezer paper and could see the endless possibilities.
 Two of my class samples trying to decide on the accent ledges on the inside border. I ended up with 8 different colors. Will post once they are quilted.
 A three hour class touched on the Quilt Trails across the country, even making a simple machine appliquéd barn with hen fabric, of course.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

More Fall Good Quilt News

 Our NC State Garden Club members are proud to put a Free Library on the trails. It is not exclusive to garden books, but to all kind. Take a book, return a book.
 Never under estimate group critiques. I had made a night mountain scene but something was not right. Showed it to my "Cover Lovers" group and Ann's comment was, take out the light mountain. Not any fun to unpick, but that did the trick along with some great batik and wild borders. Just one of my Houston classes.
 This is the before rendition, with the after above. This is designed and made with the equilateral Grid Grip and one of the two mountain designs in the Landscape class.
 The Teapot quilt made as a group quilt won a blue ribbon at the Asheville Quilt Show and sure made the Sparta group and myself proud. Made for the Teapot Museum it is still waiting for just the right home. I designed this for the group several years ago and it was long arm machine quilted by Dixie Stoltz with steam accents by yours truly.
Our Quilt Trails is growing with the addition of the Humane Society kitties and puppies block right on highway 225 in Hendersonville, NC.

Fall, 2015

 What a class! They proudly display their Nine Quarter Circle Ranch trophies. One in all polka dot was a winner. Then, for Kelly, I covered a deer head (named Bucky Deer Bust) completely in floral print. Check out:     I used Mod Podge--just took patience and time, like all great projects.

Wendy is full of joy as she shows off her accumulation of Ranch projects in one wonderful quilt. Her trophy is going in the lower empty panel on the right side. Congrats, Wendy, a great memory quilt.

 Downtown Bozeman is always full of surprises. This time all the electrical or whatever they are called, have become bedecked with vibrant wrapped designs. One more exciting than the next, especially with Charlotte standing next to the bronco.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Summer Time Stitches, 2015

Quilters Hall of Fame, July 2015
Another wonderful trip to Indiana to view and meet this years honoree, Mimi Dietrich. Seeing her appliqué quilts and getting to know Mimi was a delight. They really celebrated even dedicating some bunny topiaries at the newly installed quilt gardens at the city park. They were certainly not in a drought this year in Indiana. 

 Back at home in Flat Rock we celebrated the hanging of our Playhouse quilted playbills for this seasons shows. They hang in the theatre and brighten up the back wall. Kathy Willis, Marene Parsons, Melody Heltman and your truly made these as a benefit. Being part of the Playhouse Garden Club puts me in direct contact with the land, especially the weeds!
 Looking ahead, next May, 2016 I will be teaching at The John Campbell Folk School the awesome Lone Star quilt in several sizes. Sign up early to get your place in class.
 This years project at the ranch in Montana is called "My Nine Quarter Circle Ranch Trophy". The Mule Deer takes on crazy patch with lots of flair. Hope we see some at Yellowstone!